Chindori Chininga recovering in hospital after horrific car accident


Harare(ZimEye)He may have been involved in a fatal accident, but the ZANU PF legislator for Guruve South Edward Chindori Chininga, is now recovering in hospital, ZimEye has been told.

The legislator who got trapped for more than half an hour in his Mercedes Benz car following a tragic accident that claimed one life, is now at Harare’s West End Hospital, as at the time of writing.

The accident which occurred about 50km from Harare along Guruve road, close to 5km from Harare-Bindura road, became the speculation of some websites as people claimed that certain colleagues in Chindori Chininga’s party, ZANU PF were behind the accident. But ZimEye which broke the story arrived on the scene within 15 minutes of the accident occuring and witnessed the legislator battling as he remained trapped in his vehicle with yet a drip supply attached to his body. Our Guruve senior correspondent however did not observe any evidence of foul play at the scene.

So fatal was the accident however that an unnamed woman died on the spot and the legislator’s mercedes benz was marred beyond recognition.

marred beyond recognition...Chindori Chininga's mercedes benz

Speaking in the aftermath of the accident, the ZRP National Traffic police spokesperson Inspector Tigere Chigome said the injured were taken to Concession Hospital while Chindori Chininga was later taken to West End Hospital in Harare.

They were all reported to be in stable conditions, while the body of the woman who died in the accident was taken to Concession Hospital mortuary.

Insp Chigome said the driver of the pick-up truck tried to overtake a commuter omnibus. The driver of the kombi is reported to have accelerated resulting in the collision.

“The commuter omnibus driver sped off after the accident. Investigations are still in progress to ascertain the cause of the accident,” Insp Chigome said.

The Benz and truck were extensively damaged.

Chindori Chininga’s young brother Mr Victor Chindori-Chininga was quoted stating: “I was told that the truck driver failed to avoid the Mercedes Benz when he tried to overtake a commuter omnibus.

“When the kombi driver saw that the accident was imminent, he accelerated leaving the two vehicles.”

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  • boyi

    Get well soon cde

  • Mhepo

    I wish u speed recovery. Pliz dont take life 4 granted

  • Get wel soon muchinda vachaenda vose vakakusiya

  • Anonymous

    Wish you well brother. Sad to hear this. Yo next door farmer. Mawunga

  • Makwembere

    I knew ZANU would try to kill him now it has failed. CHininga did not leak anything as far as I I know. and yet they try to kill their own. Dump ZANU PF now Chindori Chininga and join ohter . We will welcome here with 6 arms

  • Sixoliso Sibanda

    Get well soon Honourable M.P wish you a speedy recuperation,

  • Anonymous

    What is the phrase “Chindori Chininga’s young brother” supposed to mean?


    our GOD iz a GOD of miracles bcoz if i luk at e benz sm1 cnnt cum alyv,wsh e gret fast recovery in JESUS name.

  • cde zvamunodazvauya

    yo thats wat zanu pf is good at. Plotng is their best strategy. Beta leave those murderers on their own cde.

  • Dabulap

    Sorry Chidhori cheZanu.

  • Bla Miki

    What an unfortunate mishap.

  • Mikal Jaksen

    Mmmm yeh real “unfortunate” eh Bla Miki? So which one of you was it?…..

  • Cde get well soon.

  • Anonymous

    They really have this car accident business down to a fine art! is that not so Bla Miki? Now that Chindori Chininga has survived they will have to think up another method for his disposal.

  • Papa wemba

    Kwasara iwe BLA miki naCHIMOTO,munofunga kuti kuzanu kuri easy.Ask the mafioso about life of the mafia.tough.they wanted him,Chidhori chininga u a very luck,come kumaCHINJA u a welcome.

  • You never know anyway, who knows the owners of this paper.Can you also explain how coincedentally your correspondent was fifteen minutes away from the accident.Please note i am not accusing you for anything, but i am a bit worried by your cornfirmation of fowl play.Anything can happen with Zanu PF members, some shot arms, some fail to escape fire and some have accidents with mistery trains, so please even you are fifteen minutes away does’nt mean anything!!!

  • benny joker


  • ml

    die die, kill each other …its okay…mujuru, manyika, now its your turn..ha ha

  • the truth

    ey…word is some cio drunk in byo says munangagwa is behind it how true is it.

  • the truth

    waziva the cio dude is base at magnet house….eish someone is going to die for not making sure this ndori ndori dude is not dead….ma one… was mnangagwa..apparently chihuri was not in the loop…thats why zanu police ddnt finish him off….latest is that they will finish him off in the hospital