Dombo Apologises To Mugabe



I write this letter to you mr President seeking your forgiveness on behalf of the suffering majority of youths in Zimbabwe. We have seen that you are a strong and fearless Ruler, in how you and your cabal in ZANU PF have fearlessly looted the wealth of the nation and as a show of your strength abducted and murdered Human Rights defenders in this country and exiled and imprisoned many.

I have no doubt that you are a real fighter a true ”GANDANGA” who spent years in the bush and prison. The bush tactics and mentality you have exhibited for the past three decades as our President is evident and the way you have terrorised us is typical of a Gandanga. The way you carried out Gukurahundi mercilessly is a show of your examplery ruthlessness, the way you destroyed people houses in operation murambatsvina shows your desire for cleaniliness and we as the youth stand in awe at such use of force and brutality against the people.

We are still in shock at how you were able to butcher our brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers when they mistakenly voted against you in the 2008 elections. We have learnt that you are a real man and we are your children even if we vote for another father you will not have any of it.Your stranglehold on power is absolutely shocking, your preparedness to shed innocent blood to maintain it is fanatical. It is these attributes that make us the youth fear you. The fact that you older than our grandfathers by at least 2 decades refuse to retire whilst they due to their weak wills have since retired and spend the whole day unproductively guiding us,telling us folktales and how to preserve our culture. You sure do stand out Cde President.

President having considered your greatness, your long service for Zimbabwe and desire to Rule to death. I thought it wise to ask you for forgiveness on behalf of all the struggling youths in the country who might have diminished your great personality when they sought audience with you by going into the streets this year.

I myself was one of them who was sent by POVERTY and HOPELESSNESS the two criminals giving the youths the guts to stand up to you in spite of the huge age difference. It is these two that have given us the boldness not to fear death since death is better than them. Your government has decided that we should not work, we should take cheap drugs that your police officers allow to be traded openly in the streets, that we should end our educational careers early in primary because our parents can not afford to pay the exhobitant fees passed by your cabinet. And this you all did because of your great love for us and because you don’t want us to work for any oppressive industrialist, but to be free as we trade sweets, airtime, tomatoes and touts, Noble free professions that don’t require us to be sober and be our own bosses, For that we are very grateful.

I say we are sorry for not understanding you and that you have not stolen from us as we would have thought but that you have only taken a portion of the precious price you paid for our liberation that allows us to be free. It is thanks to you that we can now also as black as we are walk in FIRST STREET, SLEEP in First street, roast maize in First street, preach there. sit all day and even fight there for %0 cents. because we are free.

Again please forgive us, ndozvinoita pwere. WE ask that you may forgive us our sins against you President we will be content with nothing but just to know that you don’t hate us. If you forgive us we will see it because as things are it shows nothing but bad blood with the youth that even your youth leader in ZANU PF is over 60 years and generations older than we.
I know you are busy thinking of how best to secure more wealth for your grandchildren in offshore accounts , hence let me not shower you with more praises.Allow me to end my letter by saying President Wemasimba ose we beg for your mercy we are too young and weak to fight you. you have soldiers and we dont, Please just give us some HOPE, PLease just allow us to also have a share of the national cake, Please open room for us to also enjoy. We have heard from our fathers that in this country there used to be jobs for everyone and all had more than enough food and that they used to be happy. WHAT WE WANT IS ALSO TO BE HAPPY, NOT TO DIE OF HUNGER, NOT TO COMMITTEE SUICIDE BECAUSE OF POVERTY, WE WANT TO BE HAPPY AND I KNOW IF YOU FORGIVE US YOU WILL ALLOW US THAT FREEDOM TO BE HAPPY

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