EXCLUSIVE: St Georges opens up on Chatunga Mugabe’s ejection from school‏


(Harare)The recent development which saw President Robert Mugabe’s son leaving school saw a new twist on Monday when the school opened up to the media for the first time.

A secretary in St Georges school’s headmasters office told ZimEye in an exclusive interview that it is true that Bellarmine Chatunga Mugabe is indeed no longer a student at the prestigious school.

But the headmaster’s secretary used the word ‘voluntarily’ to describe the nature of the withdrawal:

“Bellarmine was not expelled. He voluntarily withdrew from the school himself,” she said.

When our reporter asked further information about the withdrawal in particular the reports of clashes between him and authorities, she however refused to comment.

“That has got nothing to do with the press or anyone else, but Bellarmine himself,” she said.

The internet was awash at the weekend following Chatunga’s ejection from the prestigious school with sources being quoted stating that he had been expelled but the school sought to avoid the possible political implications of the news leaking to the media. One ZimEye reader however claimed that a sports teacher had clashed with the young man leading to the fracas.

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  • Philosopher

    So you take Bla Miki seriously.he is a nut case.he thinks everyone is a dog just because he is a dog himself

  • Poor Farmer

    The good part of press freedom is that bandits like bla miki can be quoted. Well done bla miki you are now a celebrity!

  • Zimeye,plse be serious.who is’bla miki,that you can quote what he/she says?DO not be blindfolded,man.

  • Who has the guts to expell the son of his excellence president? Voluntarily, yes!!!!!

  • Chigudo

    The school is trying to cover this up because they fear VICTIMISATION FROM GOBLIN MUGABE .

    These spoilt brats need to get a grip. as bla miki dog states it was SANCTIONS that got chatunga expeled

  • Greyhora

    Young Chatunga was expelled, no matter how much they try to sugar-coat it!!

  • Mavambo Kusile Dawn

    I never thought Chatunga could be this popular. Why don’t we leave that young man to live his life, however messed we want to think it is. Cut the minor some slack please!

  • Dzimai Moto

    Parents must not value careers more than family. Quality time is very important.

    Mugoni wepwere ndeasinadzo.

  • Surely these racists need to be dealt dealt with severely. Is he the first student to be expelled from school and why call a press conference to inform the world? Is this headmaster looking for a promotion from David Coltart.


    kikiki, wena Chandog!

    kikikiki I would like to see you getting angry little dog and let’s see your t dig dig dig !

  • Phunyuka bemphethe Mthwakazi

    That Chatunga should answer for Gukurahundi, we will hunt him down. Even if his Gukurahundi father is long gone, we shall get our pound of flesh.

  • bulawayo

    Abantwana bakagushungo ngodunder head ngiyakutshela. ababoni nix ebhukwini. inkani kuphela njengoyise oyala ukusuka esikhundleni ngoba ethembe uku thumela ababulali bakhe. mina sibili umgabe siqondene kungela mbhobho kangehluli.

  • MatibiriChatunga

    ahhh gen’a nyaya yaPams momz vandijamukira. kwanzi ndikangokunzwa uchindivhunza futi unonogara naRussel kuMazowe uko, kupurazi, ah ah ah, ini handidi.

  • Bla Miki

    Mr Editor you were told the truth. Chatunga made a voluntary withdrawal from school after the incident l mentioned above.

  • Mukadota

    Iwe Bla Miki what are doing here gossiping about His Excellency’s son when you are supposed to be at this very important indaba in Capetown. You are a lying twat you problably sell your anus for a bucket of KFC for all we know.

  • Soneli

    Prince Chatunga, a member of Zimbabwe’s Royal family. Show some respect. The son of the King Robert and Queen Grace Mugabe. This is your Royal family. You should be singing God Bless the King to King Robert as the national anthem.

  • Good riddance by St Georges!.The SAINTS were absolutely right to expel the moronic imbecile,like his Goblin father ,the obese deliquent,truant spoilt brat was treating the prestigious School like his fiefdom.Kutama College were scared to expel Mugabe`s other buffon son,Robert jnr when they discovered that he was the once responsible for circulating Pornographic material at the school.

  • Martin shayawabaya

    Why are u villifyng that lil boy is he the first person to be expelled from school.And people plz stop being racist/tribalistic

  • mfana ngaende anodzidza ku umzingwane uku ndomu endesa ne chopper every morning ehhh ka mbo vhundutsa mandevikson

  • kingifrika

    pliz nanganai nezvemudzimba menyu…moda kunan’anidza kambuswa kari muzizo remumwe imi zidanda riri menyu hamurione seyko?

  • Chiwenga

    like father like son hunditi? The father was expelled many times from office but refused yo leave ..

  • If Chantunga voluntarily withdrew from school and his parents allowed it then the parents are irresponsible, wreckless and dangerous to society. Really how could they bless such a hazardous decision of their minor child? Even if the child happens to be an illegitimate one as is the case that surrounds Chatunga, any adult would force a minor to continue schooling regardless of the circumstances. If, as the fact is, Chatunga was expelled from St Georges then its beyond Sekuru Mugabe’s powers to keep the troublesome illegitimate kid in school.

  • Zvakaitika kuna Chatunga izvi zvinonyatsobudisa pachena pfungwa yemadzitateguru edu yekuti mwana wese wekuzvarirwa anonetsa kuraira. Chatunga ave chinyadziso chikuru kwazvo kumhuri nezita rekwaMugabe. Dai ini ndiri wekwaGushungo ndaiti kakomana aka katute twako kadzokere kudzinza rako kozoit zvekuramwa chikoro nekupfura mateacher nerekeni kasiri muhuri medu kana kushandisa zita redu. Zviya zvinonzi chisi hachieri musi wacharimwa zvave kubuda pachena manje. Mwana wehupombwe anoshupa semabarirwo ake.Hezvoka Bla Maliki

  • TM

    Where is the heralded opening up? Vana vakazotanga rinhiiko kuzvidzinga pachikoro? Vaiita zvekudiiko mukomana vechidiki uyu?