GRAPHIC VIOLENCE: How CIO Goons Tried to Kill Kauzani!

Kauzani Survived

Nqobizitha Dumakude Khumalo | I went to visit Comrade Kauzani yesterday in hospital. We were not allowed access to him. He was in theatre and reports suggest that the situation is rather serious. I later met his wife. The report is that Kauzani was probably spotted in town and tailed. He boarded a kombi on his way home in Kuwadzana. A twin cab of unidentified make and without number plates followed the kombi.

As they were entering Kuwadzana the car overtook the kombi and ordered it to stop. Two men then got into the kombi and instructed kauzani to disembark. He refused and the other passengers supported him after which the men took out pistols and threatened to shoot. Kauzani had no option but to obey.

They first assaulted him and then threw him into their car. They drove along Bulawayo Road and then veered off into some bushes where there were at least three other cars of identical make. The occupants are said to have celebrated his capture. It is then that they started interrogating him about Tajamuka, its source of funding and the other members of the group.

He was also asked about the number of trained people in Tajamuka and also on the manner of the training they had. All this time time there were mercilessly pounding him with clenched fists and booted feet. They stripped him naked and stole his cellphone and the little cash he had. They expressed their strong desire to kill for Mugabe and said that they didn’t care what human rights organisations and the international community thought. As they assaulted him they challenged him to call Trump for help.

They kicked him on the chest and face and stepped on his face and crushed his feet and legs with heavy sticks. Before they left one of them warned him to run away or they would finish him off if they found him still on the spot. Poor Kauzani could not walk, the best he could do was crawl slowly and painfully.They returned a second time and found him still groaning and moaning as he tried to drag himself away.

They started assaulting him again lifting him high in the air and letting him fall. Many times he blacked out. Finally they said they were going to do something to ensure he did not commit mischief again. They ran him over with their car. Had he not twisted away they might have crushed him. However they ran over his two legs breaking one and severely bruising the other. They then threw him into their car and drove back into town, dumping him at Pamuzinda Bar in front of shocked revellers who thought a corpse was being dumped on them. He was stark naked. People crowded around him and he gave the cell number of his wife. A car was found and he was carried to hospital where he is till now.

This is one of the most frightening stories that crowd the pages of our newspapers today. We are all apprehensive especially after going through the horrors of gukurahundi and 26 June. The beastly cruelty of the whole scenario is frightening. We are all afraid. What is this leading to. Has the beastly Zanu PF found a new terror tactic; a higher level of cruelty. In 2008 there was the method of assaulting someone and then spraying them with acid or pesticides resulting in ugly and frightening injuries. Next came short and long sleeves, the amputation of arms at upper arm or wrist level respectively.
Now we are asking ourselves; is running over people’s feet the new method of maiming now adopted by this ultra stalinist style. We wonder. I urge the civilised world to treat this case with the seriousness it deserves. This case will be an indictment on the moral standards of our generation, the mark of Cain upon us all. May I remind my fellow Zimbabweans of the words attributed to Mustapha Muhammad; there are three people with no room in heaven: the oppressor, the one who helps the oppressor and the one who tolerates the oppressor.
I ask the question, how many people killed Jesus? It was three: the Roman soldier (the oppressor), the crowd shouting “crucify him” together with those who delivered him up (those who help the oppressor) and Pontius Pilate who washed his hands clean and refused to take action (the one who tolerates the oppressor.)
Where do you stand. Are you the oppressor: the partisan policeman and soldier or the ZanuPf assassin or the youth burning people’s houses, killing and maiming. Are you the one aiding the oppressor, selling out your neighbour, actively campaigning for a murderous party and every five years helping to renew its mandate to kill and torture innocent Zimbabweansand starving innocent children to death? Or you are like Pilate, the smart one who is above it all; refusing to be involved. I am a Christian, l am too educated et cetera. You have no room in heaven. Oppression of your fellow humans is a sin of commission. Tolerating oppression is a sin of omission. I indict this generation for crucifying Christ afresh, for where truth and justice are on the cross Christ is crucified anew.
Many of us on that great day of reckoning that shall soon or later come upon us all find our fingers dripping with the blood of people we never knew we killed.
Let Zimbabweans stand up and say no to further brutalisation of our nation. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
In the words of Halle Selassie (Ras Tafari),
Cde. Nqobizitha Dumakude Khumalo
Secretary For Information and Publicity
Harare Province

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  • Piet Herbst

    I agree with the writer. When are we, as Zimbabweans, going to say enough is enough or are we going to continue watching our fellow brothers and sisters being mutilated to keep an evil man in over. We need to stand up and be heard.

  • Enough is Enough

    For sure

  • Legend

    God is not blind….their demons will surely haunt them