“I’m Not Part Of Mliswa’s Third Force Project” – Linda Masarira Speaks Out


Linda Tsungirirai Masarira | On the second of January 2017, there was a message that went viral on Whatsapp platforms about my involvement with Themba Mliswa’s third force project.

Firstly I am not a member of the third force movement and have no intentions whatsoever to be part of the movement. I am a human rights defender and pro democracy activist. Themba Mliswa called me on Monday 2 January 2017 and encouraged me to run for office in 2018 as it would enable me to correct the injustices I vigilantly fight against. I never made a commitment to join third force neither am I a member of the same.

I remain committed to the struggle for freedom, peace and justice through the citizens movement. My energy and focus is in restoring order and sanity in my beloved Zimbabwe and not in unnecessary politicking in the quest for power. I believe in people power and that people should be the drivers of their independence from dictatorship and oppression. No one has a monopoly on the struggle.

I long for a Zimbabwe which is free from all forms of oppression and discrimination. A Zimbabwe which is just politically, economically and socially. All this is achievable if we are united as a people, committed to the struggle and selfless in the quest to remove the current regime led by Robert Mugabe. Zimbabweans have missed many opportunities to legitimately put pressure for change. 2008 was the clearest opportunity where the regime could have fallen but was emboldened by our collective meekness and poor leadership.

2017 is a year of resistance against oppression, a year of meaningful change towards the broader national agenda of regime change spearheaded by the citizens movement.

The citizens cause is much more important than a political office at this juncture. The struggle is real, we should thrive to create a better Zimbabwe for future generations. Aluta Acontinua.

Linda Tsungirirai Masarira
Citizens Movement

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