Linda Masarira And Crew Arrest, The Details Emerge

outofcourtMakomborero Haruzivishe | Just out of court….

On Saturday the 15th of October I was relaxing in Harare gardens with four of my friends (Linda Masarira, Patson Dzamara, Rangarirai Nhende and Leverage Masvingo), in the shade of a tree, drinking mineral water to cool ourselves off. We were en route to the funeral of Cde Brian Kasunzuma’s son.

Suddenly, a ZRP lorry appeared, and police thugs in full riot gear, (shields, button sticks, teargas canisters, and guns) appeared and literally abducted us. We tried to converse with them and inquire the reason for our arrest, but all they could say was they were following ‘an instruction from above’.

On this hot sunny Saturday we ended up not only mourning the death of cde Kasunzuma’s son, but also the death of democracy, freedom, and basic human rights in general. And indeed on this hot day of our Lord Saturday the 15th of October I wept. I was angry, frustrated and disappointed to the naked truth that after more than 36 years of independence from the Rhodesian colonial bondage, we the black people are still in bondage. After more than three decades of self-black rule, we are still living in fear that a special branch of the police can at any moment receive some funny instruction from ‘above’ and abduct innocent citizens.

This ‘above’ has against all odds managed to maintain and systematically strengthen Ian Douglas Smith’s vampiristic tools of oppression. Smith is happy in his grave that his legacy still lives on courtesy of ‘above’. ‘Above’ is a dictator. ‘Above’ was created in Lucifer’s image. ‘Above’ has destroyed the lives of millions of Zimbabwe. ‘Above’ is a murderer. ‘Above’ is corrupt. ‘Above’ has killed at least 20 000 Matabele people in a genocide. ‘Above’ has killed thousands who demand access to basic,(food, employment, education, democracy etc.) ‘Above’ has abducted people, Itai Dzamara is yet to be found. ‘Above’ is a thief. ‘Above’ is very corrupt. ‘Above’ stole our diamonds. ‘Above’ stole our $15 billion. ‘Above’ is not a capable leader. ‘Above’ has not only squandered all the fruits of independence but he has also devoured independence itself. ‘Above’ steals elections. ‘Above’ has turned our government into a certified looting machine. This machine loots money, resources, people, elections, our future, our dignity, our welfare. ‘Above’ has destroyed people’s lives. ‘Above’ is a devil. The devil (‘above’) is a lier. ‘Above’ is too old. ‘Above’ must go as soon as possible.

God the Almighty, please make ‘above’ disappear.

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  • Mutunhu Une Mago

    kkkkk above is an asshole

  • Zimbabweans

    For the devil has no room god is on our side we trust in his word and faith

  • Jahman

    Good over evil.