Linda Masarira Arrested Again | BREAKING NEWS

arrested...Linda Masarira with colleagues
arrested…Linda Masarira with colleagues

ZimEye is receving news that female activist Linda Masarira has been arrested again together with several others.

The arrest follows that of MDC members, Celine Eunice Nyakitsikwa and Warship Dumba the latter whose charges were not known at the time of writing.

The group arrested at around 11am who include Makomborero Haruzivishe, Rangarirai Nhende, Patson Dzamara and Leverage Masvondo “have been abducted” from Harare Gardens by a police vehicle, a Tajamuka presser said.

They were at the time sitting and chatting while wearing #TheEndgame T-shirts.

The arrested individuals demanded to know their charges but the police officers were clueless why they picked them up. They just said it was an instruction from ‘above’. They manhandled them and bundled them into a police truck, the presser continued.

More to follow…

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  • zim child



    Jonathan Moyo a proven thief, is safe at his house when people minding their own business in the gardens are arrested for unknown charges.If ever we thought that Mugabe is clean,then clearly by shielding his dirty subordinates he is equality dirty.

  • VanaVedu

    It´s me VanaVedu personally who applies for the sake of Zim´s children to report any human rights violation like that right away on record of Zimbabwe Human Rights Coimmission (ZHRC) Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) is the independent Human Rights Institution enshrined in the Constitution of Zimbabwe in order to deal with human rights abuse by State organs without fear or favour.

  • Jore

    “above” should have a name it could refer to many
    the last article was th woman was hospitalised just no conscience from anyone they cannot even wait for the person to recuperate
    What are those that formed Nera doing ?

  • Lucky Gumbo

    Jonathan Moyo recently said Top Officials stole diamonds that some of them BUILT RURAL CASTLES with diamond loot he needs to EXPOSE all those behind diamond looting they MUST be arrested as well yinoto yelizwe .