MDC-T rubbishes Chombo’s suspension of Mayor


(Mutare)Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC party has resolved to disregard and rubbish the minister of Local Government Ignatius Chombo’s suspension of the mayor of Mutare, and will soon dump the document into a public bin in the sight of all.

In a meeting held at the party’s provincial headquarters at the weekend, the MDC-T party resolved to ignore Chombo’s suspension of Mayor Brian James and as a demonstration of repulsion, to physically dump Chombo’s suspension document into a public bin at the civic centre in the sight of all.

The decision comes as it was revealed that Chombo’s suspension of Clr James is illegal. Mayor Brian James was last week suspended by Local government minister Ignatius Chombo on allegations of misconduct, but Chombo is believed to be fighting hard to remove James, who only recently blocked the sale of land at the Meikles Park to Anjin, a Chinese firm that is mining diamonds in Chiadzwa in partnership with the State owned Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC).

The MDC-T party at the weekend resolved to continue recognising Clr James as the rightful mayor of Mutare. The party will continue to “engage the mayor on all matters to do with the city of Mutare,” the party said in a statement.

MDC-T rubbishes Chombo's suspension doc
Minister Ignatius Chombo, chats with Central Bank govenor Gideon Gono

The MDC-T party will also “establish a Party Harmonisation team to establish various issues of concern in the council. The team which will be led by one Hon Mudiwa includes other senior respected leaders-Willas Madzimure, Senator and MDC founding member James Makore, Hon Evelyn Masaiti and attorney David Tandire a prominent Mutare lawyer.

The team was tasked to also: “look into the circumstances sorrounding the fraud charges levelled against Cllr Upare, his relationship with the contractor and why he was paid money by the contractor. The effects of the disappearance of $300 000 dollars on the water project and whether the money would be recovered.

Other objectives ladi out were “to establish whether it is true that Chombo held a meeting with MDC-T Councillors in his private hotel room in Mutare and why if it is true,” the party’s meeting minutes read. (ZimEye, Zimbabwe)

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  • Uku ndiko kufunga ne mata, Chombo will simply call the police to apprehend him if he defies ministrial orders,Chematama has a tendency of misleading his followers then cry foul later.

  • Bla Miki

    The allegations levelled above do not only require the Mayor and his Councillors involved to be suspended, the CID Serious Frauds should quickly step in and arrest these mdc thieves. US$300,000 is a lot of money for a small city like Mutare to just be pocketed by mdc. Mdc promised to change every city if elected. What we see is a complete disaster from our adopted City Fathers or mothers in their gay state. These people have totally failed and should not be allowed to continue running the affairs of our Cities.a

  • Anonymous

    Gentleman the mayor has done a good job for us Mutareans so just allowing Chombo to destroy this is not wise.Isu kwaMtr hv realised great changes in this Beautiful city so please Chombo keep politics out of dvt tapota.Dont extend political wars at the expense of dvt.Tikatarisa James managed to clean tsvina yakanga yasiiwa necommission yaChombo

  • Always over estmtng their power vana Tsvangay .He is suspended and actually thrown out of the cncl offices thats final.rcgnz him or not is a waste of time .The white thief is waitng 4 his day of incarceration 4 those thousands he pocketed.Kana akadya nevamwe vemuMDC achavadura.Zimbavha !

  • Chegotsi

    It seems that the MDC-Traitors still dont know that Tsvanguirayi and all those ministers are just ceremonial, just like king of england. Havalumi and they will only cry themselves to sleep. And why do the wasu pple believe so much in the bhuns? First ,the Special Branch tourturist Bennet wh openly thinks his murdering of the wasu pple during the war ,was “pachedu”. Now they want to stick with this other James bhun boy!. The Kuki ne gardenboy mentality still haunts vanhu vekwaMutare uko. Asi chii?

  • Tsungai Munjoma

    I am very much encouraged by the stance taken by the stateholders in the City of Mutare. I have passed through Mutare on several occasions during the last few months and it was quite refreshing to drive over roads with no potholes, to see clean streets and new palm trees being planted in the islands in Herbert Chitepo (Main) Street. It was an unusual departure from from the filth and raw sewage seen in many parts of this country. It obviously showed that, for once this once beautiful city is now being run by people who have vision and the interest of its citizens at heart. The people who unleashed “Operation Murambatsvina” and untold suffering to the people of Zimbabwe did not like this new development. So they and people of like mind would want to take the city back to the squalour that they created. Not only should the people of Mutare use all legal means available to stop these primitive people from doing what they want to do, they and their Chinese friends should be told that everything that was retrogressive will be reversed once the people have a legitimate, intelligent and civilised government. Let no one be fooled by the fact that there all sorts of instruments of oppression, change is coming, it has to come.

  • Anonymous

    Every one, including you Bla Miki, would it not be wonderful if the country Zimbabwe had continued to be run correctly and properly after April 1980. It would have been the most beautiful place in Africa, no pot holes, no raw sewage, no horrible diseases caused by filth, lots of food and good health for everyone.
    But this was not to be, therefore everyone will suffer for many more years yet!

  • T.Musango

    Vatangazve maopportunists aye kuzvifadza nenhema. Deep down vaontozviziva kuti chasungwa neZanoid chasungwa. Zvose zvekuti we will not recognize what Chombo has or is doing, kuda kufadza madonors. Uyo akatobviswa mucouncil kare and we know that the MDC will keep shouting at the top of their voices until they get exhausted and retire to their mansions asi suspension iripo chete. Kuda kubata vanhu maziso, so that the gullible will keep supporting them. MDC is a “TOOTHLESS BULLDOG” that barks day and night but not changing anything.

  • julliana zivanai

    We live in a country with no respect for rule of law and GOD SO ITS NO SURPRISE that MDC is still banging away at the invisible rapists, killers.Lets all take comfort in the fact that once upon a time there was Idi Amin,Gaddaffi just to mention the petty tyrants who are nomore, zvichapfuura izvi. THE INVISIBLES with all their power will soon be exposed and destroyed to the glory of GOD.

  • the party must come out very clean on what happened on brian james. his companion councillors wrote and recommended to chombo for his immediate suspension. they were covering something that happend which the party must tel people. if the mdct suspended the late clr mukorera because he had stolen nyama panhamo yamai tsvangirai, what more with these who shared money for water pipes

  • Tisu anhu acho

    Chando kupisa ,Bla miki and Chimoto muri madofo asinngazive difference btn dvt and politics ndimi maishandiswa kuponda vanhu muchizvigadzirira ngozi this time hachihwinhe chiparty chenyu chine mhosva yeropa