NGOs Planting Ghost Voters in Zimbabwe-Mudede


ZIMBABWE’s Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede has claimed that NGOs are tampering with the voters roll to create a picture that the document has been inflated by Mr. Mudede’s ZANU PF party.

Mudede (pictured-right) expressed ‘concern’ over the involvement of some human rights non-governmental organisations in the production of fake voter registration certificates. His statements came at a time when he also revealed a mysterious 300,000 voters had died since 2008, which figure is coincidentally the same as the one reported by the 2008 election judge, Justice George Chiweshe. The figure caused an election run off for the presidential poll which resulted in Mugabe contender Morgan Tsvangirai failing to secure a win.

Voters roll tampered by NGOs, Mudede fumes

The RG told journalists in Harare that the development is an attempt by some NGOs to discredit Zimbabwe’s voter’s roll and the country’s electoral system.

Since the year 2000, and several reports being published about mysterious ghost voters on the voters roll, which situation was verified as true, this is the first time in history that the Registrar General has pointed fingers at NGOs.

Mudede said such NGOs were aimed at creating political instability. The RG has in the past openly confessed his allegiance to President Robert Mugabe’s ZANU PF party.

“This will result in lack of faith by the public in the existing voters’ roll and electoral system”, he said.

“Worth noting is the fact that free and fair election is a much wider term in assessing elections. It covers a lot of issues, inter alia serious irregularities in the actual conduct of elections, voter registration and the voters’ roll itself.

“Anything that goes wrong will result in the losing parties or candidates taking political or legal action over the cited irregularities,” he added.

The RG said losing candidates and political parties would produce the counterfeit voter registration certificates to the international community as proof of alleged rigging.

“These counterfeits are a recipe for confusion to the voting public resulting in misinterpretation of the electoral process,” he said.

Mudede’s accusations come as four ZimRights officials were arrested on charges of allegedly manufacturing counterfeit copies of registration certificates. The community workers are yet to be tried for the alleged crime.

Soon after Mudede’s press statement, the state-owned media subsequently reported claiming that the AG had ‘revealed’ that the said NGOs are indeed tempering with the voters’ roll that they would have purchased from the RG’s office.

According to the law, anyone is allowed to request for a copy of the voters’ roll from the RG.

He said the detractors are also seeking to delay the holding of the forthcoming election by peddling falsehoods that there has to be a new voters’ roll and tarnishing the image of the RG with a view to have the voters’ roll done by themselves.

They allegedly tried to discredit the voters’ roll by manufacturing counterfeit copies of the certificate of registration as a voter which they would complete with false names of alleged registered voters. “Some NGOs have embarked on a campaign to deliberately discredit the national voters’ roll by abusing their access to the national voters’ roll,” said Mr Mudede.

“The law allows anyone to request for a copy of the voters roll and this provision in turn avails voters’ rolls to NGOs who in fact are conduits of external forces who have ulterior motives.”

“Some NGOs have embarked on a campaign to deliberately discredit the national voters’ roll by abusing their access to the national voters’ roll,” said Mr Mudede.

“The law allows anyone to request for a copy of the voters roll and this provision in turn avails voters’ rolls to NGOs who in fact are conduits of external forces who have ulterior motives,” he added.

The ZRP Officer Commanding Harare province, present at the press conference, Senior Assistant Commissioner Clement Munoriarwa said tampering with the voters roll has serious repercussions.


Different figures

The state media reported a different figure from what Mudede had stated at the press conference. The visual broadcaster, ZBC reported 5 500 355, while the Herald newspaper carried 89000 more reporting it as 5, 589 355. Mudede however officially announced the figure as 5, 589 355. It was not clear why ZBC had reported a different figure from what was stated by the AG.


Mysterious 300,000 voters die

5, 934 768 people voted in the 2008 general polls, but however the number has since dropped to slightly over 5, 5  million, Mr Mudede said yesterday. The difference which is 300, 000 conincidentally is the same figure which caused presidential contender Morgan Tsvangirai to fail to secure a win against Robert Mugabe following the 2008 presidential elections.

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  • Poor Farmworker

    Mudede is a criminal he is very much responsible for the messy elections which occurred in Zimbabwe. Mudede should have no further role to play in zimbabwean elections. Zanu should blame Mudede for the travel bans because his election rigging strategy backfired badly on zanu pf.

  • Nomsa Dliwayo

    Zimbabwe’s Briggadier General Tobaiwa Mudede has accused non-governmental organisations of abusing their access to the country’s voters roll to manipulate it and give the impression that it is in shambles so as to please their foreign funders.

    The briggadier is right in narrating what his paymasters Mugabe and the like have said. But he is wrong regarding the truth. This man is responsible for the list of victims of Gukurahundi and the MDC massacres Mr Mudead-dead, the whole world shall hold you accountable one of these days. Zimbabwe Constable Briggaddier general Tobaiwa Mudede

  • Bhodlumlilo gt

    If we were to define the term ghost voters Mudede would certainly provide us with a much accurate definition and description, because of his immense experience in voter forgery and vote rigging. Mudede is the most unreliable person who abused the office of the registrar general to the extent that the voters roll resembles death records. In all fairness to the suffering masses of Zimbabwe Mudede should just retire or resign from his registrar general post.

  • Papaz 21 Dec 2012

    Tobaiwa Mudede akabvuma iye ega kuti anotsigira bato re ZANU pf. Chokwadi ndiyani angavimbike ne munhu akadaro kuti ave ndiye anoona nezve voters roll, nekunyoreswa kwe vanovhota? Zviripachena kuti anoita zvinoita kuti bato rake rikunde. Ko icho chii chinomboita kuti arambire pachinzvimbo ichochi kana pasina chaanowana uye kana zviine pamuromo? The answer is with him at the helm ,he is ZANU pf’s only remaining trump card.

  • Fin

    Mudede should not have further role in elections. He forgets that as a civil servants t
    You have a duty play and work.

  • Mugabe

    The election cheating starts……

  • Mugabe

    …and on the ballot paper Mugabe should appear first (as the incumbent) as that everyone knows who is to blame for this mess….unlike in 2008 when they put MT top of the ballot paper as if he was the incumbent……

  • Bla Miki

    Facts Cde Tobaiwa Mudede. The voter’s roll is very clear and clean. MDC you do not think, if your relative dies and you do not get a death certificate from home affairs, how on earth do you think Cde Mudede would be able to update his voter’ roll without such information? Remember, the voters’ roll is not administered by any political party. Central Registry is a department of the Ministry of Home Affairs which is co-shared by two political parties. Theresa Makone and Kembo Mohadi have a say on everything involving their office. l therefore find it naive and stupid to accuse Zanu PF for any anomalies which may occur in this ministry when the same office is occupied with these two political parties representatives.

  • Edmore Mudzingwah

    mudede should forget about this rhetoric fallacy.We are not fools.

  • Poor Farmworker

    Bandit Miki uri banditi basi Mdc shared home affairs AFTER THE WORLD RECORD VOTE RIGGING.

  • Anastasia Steele

    I agree with Toby Mudede. Sometimes I put food on my plate and a few minutes later its gone. I don’t know where it goes. These NGOs are real slippery!

  • Mukadota

    This zanoid baboon is just doing what it knows best crying wolf when somebody has stepped on its shrivelled balls.