Mugabe Removes Mnangagwa


By Duncan Banda| President Robert Mugabe has removed his deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa and placed his counterpart, Phelekezela Mphoko as Acting Head Of State.

The development comes amid a storm over who is the Big Boss, as Mnangagwa was in a supposed “coup plot” by his ‘agent’ Energy Mutodi ranked as more powerful than Mugabe. Mutodi says Mugabe is now number (4) four in the politburo as Mnangagwa takes the number one (1) lead in power and influence.

Mphoko has with effect from yesterday taken over the job and will preside until the end of the month, when Mugabe returns from his traditional annual leave.

Mnangagwa, had been acting in the same capacity from the time Mugabe commenced his annual leave in December last year.

Mugabe’s spokesperson, George Charamba confirmed the development in a statement yesterday.

“Honourable Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko assumes the capacity of Acting President from tomorrow (today) 10th January, 2017, in the absence of His Excellency the President R.G Mugabe, who is still on his traditional annual leave,” said Charamba.

“Vice President Mphoko will act up to the end of this month when His Excellency the President is expected back in the Office.”

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  • Luther

    Kunyepa ED is taking his annual leave as reported yesterday. Paper-selling falsehoods


    He is taking his leave now because his acting President role has come to an end, you simpleton.

    Mugabe could have easily asked him to postpone his leave and then extend his acting role up till the time he comes back and your little God would never have refused. Instead he chose to end it because it was already driving him and his suppoters mad, you included. He had become too excited with his tail up; and for the sake of a reality check, Mpoko was chosen in his stead. Now you can all shut up.

    This is what happens when you are an unthinking hero worshipper – simple things ellude you. Sies; its like he even knows you and you will also “eat” with the Mnangagwas should they become a “first family.”

    A typical Shona African tribal village mentality!!



  • King

    Aizve. What does one tribe have to do with anything. You made your point. Finish it there. Why bring divisions that dont exist

  • King

    Mnangagwa should just take over. Otherwise Dr Amai Professor Gire will be the next president. .tobva tamama hedu

  • Mr. Ngungumbane

    This is misinformation. The media has the responsibility to let us know how it works when RGM takes his annual leave every year especially if we have co-vice presidents with regards to how the acting pesidency item works.

    I am not going to explain here but Zimeye has that knowledge but it chose to misinform us. We might hate individuals but who they are we cant take away.

    Its ok to tell people the reason why Munangagwa is no longer acting and Mphoko taking over.


    Tribe comes in because its always the Shona voters who worship these leaders despite their past record of evil and dictatorship, causing us untold suffering as a nation.

    We have heard of Gushungo this, Gushungo that; Save this, Save that; now its Ngwena this, Ngwena that. You would think they are praising some Gods we all dont know.

    I have never heard any Whites, Coloureds, Mthwakazi or Indian ordinary voters saying all this nonsense!!


    Grace is a better evil than Mnangagwa. Mnangagwa is evil personified – his record speaks for itself. We dont want him. This has nothing to do with him being Karanga.

    We the people of the South have lived side by side in peace as subjects of both King Mzilikazi and Mambo for centuries and our cultural traditional songs testify to this – “……..Kwakubus’ uMambo no Mzilikazi”; so goes the song.

    We dont know what kind of a Karanga Mnangagwa is – he is not like the rest – just too cruel, tribalistic and plain evil. He is just something else.

    Most Karangas are relatives to people in Matebeleland and some are a part of Mthwakazi. But this Mnangagwa??

    Eish – I dont know!!

  • Grace Jones

    this paper shows a lot of ignorance.whenever Mugabe goes on a long vacation the two VPs will split the time . go back and check the previous years. Stop lying. we already knew it was only the first leg and Mboko would complete it. Last time Mboko was first and Ngwena last. Your hatred of the man shows he beats you at every turn and you so desperately wish to bring him down. well too bad lies will not do it.

  • Auto-Throttle

    Sensetionalism again. It is standard practice that the bench warmers play a cameo role during the despot’s vacation.

  • ndux

    ignorance at its best, or rather worst. shame


    Ignorance accirding to you; the ignorant one!!


    Dont say “we”, please speak for yourself.

    Some of the contributions in many Mnangagwa articles here on this publication since Mnangagwa started acting should tell you just how ignorant and of pedestrian thinking many Zimbabweans are about this sharing of acting power by the two VPs.

    Some of these Mnangagwa supporters are just too unsophisticated to understand these things.

    No wonder they support a potential dictator, tribalist and outright murderer blindly. Their tails were already up!!

  • Cyber Mujibha

    Whether it is ED or Mboko we don’t care…we want the Mpugunyoni out and we want this business of destroying our beautiful country to stop forth with. We are tired …MWARI CHITORAYI MUGABE!!!

  • Zvineyi

    Mboko is nDevile, sorry ndebele


    Yini lento? Akuyeke ukuhuda wena Gukurawundi le Tshona!!!

  • nhubu zidhara

    Even last year they shared. Rubbish

  • Baba Muchadura

    Ya neh, some photos can say it all. Why did they cut off the maize plants around him in that pic? Maybe, just maybe, it was meant for the VP to have a clear shot in someone else’s feild. The truth is these Bosses can destroy to further their interests. Anyway I was asked by my doctor to always be on the winning side as a way to control my BP.

  • Firimoni

    Pamhata pako mndebere iwe. Beche rako, beche ramai vako. Tsvina yemunhu. Msatanyoko. Can’t you make a civilised argument without being tribalist? Can’t you make a constructive contribution without being offensive? We can play that game too, bring it on. U are a stupid idiot with an identity crisis, pack your bags and go where you think you belong. Zvauri duzvi chairo! Mphoko, the acting president as we speak now ndewekupi? Is he not one of your own? Isn’t Jonso from Tsholotsho? Many MPs, senators and members of the cabinet from matebeleland in Zanu pf yet you make it seem like it’s a certain people’s party. We are facing this crisis together as a nation regardless of tribe or geographical location so don’t come here to display your shallow mindedness uttering nonsense. Mai vanoba zvavabika


    Uyinja yothuvi wena Gukurahundi le Tshona. Tshonas voted for Mugabe and ZANU PF in 1980 and 1985, after which the Constitution was amended giving Mugabe’s new imperial Presidency unassailable powers in 1990. You TSHONAS are solely responsible for this mess. Shut up you ignorant fool. Dont include us!!