Preacher – ‘John G Lake’s Wife Was Murdered’


 – Shocking ‘Murder Discovery’ –

The wife of South African church founder John G Lake was murdered, it is claimed in a research that might soon reverse a 103 year old written account which stated the preacher’s wife died rather of an unspecified disease.

Lake’s wife was murdered by members of a rival church group that opposed his pentecostal movement initiative, it is now confidently suggested. Lake is one of the early founders of the Pentecostal movement in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana.

In a speech recorded, the current leader of Lake’s ministry Curry Blake said that after detailed research conducted he can prove that Jenny Lake did not die of malnutrition as has been claimed in Christian history literature such as Robert Laidon’s God’s General books.

“In research conducted I am able to conclusively prove that Jenny Lake did not die of malnutrition or exhaustion as reports have claimed. All the above are not a true account of the cause of death.”

John G Lake, March 8 1870 - September 16 1935



“I can prove Jenny Lake was poisoned by people of (Alexander) Dowie’s church. That’s how aggresive they were against the Pentecostal movement.

At that time the way they gathered drinking water, was that they put buckets on the corners of their houses and collected the water that came either from the rain or the dew overnight. And Dowie’s people knowing this would would so and so they would put poison in the water and she gradually got sicker and sicker  until on December the 22nd (1908) she passed away.


Burial performed in a rush

One of the most critical things Curry points out is the fact that Jenny Lake’s body was buried within barely 24 hours after her death, and was done hurriedly before husband had returned.

“Apparently too they knew that Lake was heading back from the Kalahari (Botswana) and so they demanded by the city official there that she be buried immediately and so she was buried really within one evening. She died that night and by the next evening she was buried which was highly unusual.


“He would raise her from the dead”

Curry claims that the the alleged murderers feared that the preacher would raise his wife from the dead:

“The reason being is that …they knew that if they did not bury her before Lake got back, he would raise her from the dead and what they did would work against them instead of working for them. They expected Lake to return and be heart broken which he was, and they expected him to return to the United States which he didn’t,” says Curry Blake.

ZimEye is yet to receive a document containing the  full details of the research on Jenny Lake’s alleged murder.

An African icon, John G Lake, is the founder of many churches which a hundred years later are still thriving in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Botswana to date. Some of these churches include the Zion Christian church and the Apostolic Faith Mission. Lake’s books are still at large in Christian book shops around the world. One of the most shocking and intense controversies Lake faced during his South African mission was his outward love for the black nationals and although he prepared the groundwork for South Africa’s current anti apartheid constitution, little mention is made of his work in the nation’s history- Also See : The Price of Boldness. His wife left behind seven children.

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  • Pro

    March 8, 1870 – Be serious people. There are so many things currently happening in Zim and around the world. Now makupira nyaya dzatatisati tazarwa. Kana anababa nana sekuru vedu vange vasati vazvarwa.

  • sisi

    u know. kana pasinanyaya hapana. who asked 4 a follow up on ancient news anyway?

  • Bla Miki

    And to make matters worse nyaya yacho ndeyekunyeba ndiani angamutsa munhu murufu kunze kwaiye Jesu

  • Mashaya nyaya.

  • Nancy

    I thought Dowie was Pentecostal too. Was this just a case of rivalry gone bad?

  • Nancy

    I thought Dowie was Pentecostal too. Was this just a case of rivalry gone bad?