Tsvangirai seeing Bulawayo baby, “private matter”


PRIME Minister Morgan Tsvangirai who last week admitted fathering a child with Bulawayo 25 year-old Ms Loreta Nyathi, has requested public understanding over the matter.

Mr Tsvangirai’s spokesman at the weekend told ZimEye the PM was in Bulawayo on strict government duty and that people should consider the matter which has sparked international controversy a private matter he alone must be left to deal with.


“This so called son…”

Tamborinyoka referred to baby Ethan as  “this so called son” and appealed for privacy on the matter:

“The Prime Minister was in Bulawayo on a government program. The PM is happily married; And whatever is happening regarding his so called son Ethan is a private matter,” he said, before hanging the phone before our reporter.

Tsvangirai (60) who recently re-married following his wife’s death in 2009 fathered the 19 month old boy with Nyathi.

Last week there were internet-wide reports that claimed he was to date yet to see the child and was allegedly refusing to assist the mother obtain a birth certificate for the son.


“Personal life

Tsvangirai at the weekend however told journalists that the reports were an invasion of his private life and were not true.

“I have my personal life and you have yours. I would prefer that we keep it like that. I am not refusing to assist him,” he said.

“Whatever the reports you have heard, I will take care of it and his mother knows the arrangement that we have. I have not refused my responsibility. “It is not true that I am refusing to have my son get a birth certificate. I am happily married.

Part of the controversy surrounding the PM’s love life are developments which resulted in him recently publicly divorcing a woman he had customarily married, one Locardia Karimatsenga Tembo around the same time he was also claiming to be a bachelor. Tembo Family members have claimed that their kinswoman suffered depression following the media barrage against her which culminated in her lover divorcing her in public.


UK would have fired Tsvangirai by now

Women’s activists have slammed Tsvangirai following the latest developments making apparent claim that the PM “does not respect women”.

An activist and founding member of the Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe who declined being named told ZimEye that due to the latest developments, the Prime Minister would have been fired had he been doing politics in the UK.

“If this was in the UK, Tsvangirai would have been fired by now. We are dealing with vulnerable women…It is a very ironic situation where a woman although she may have made mistakes, but because there is a child, the PM should have done better than what we see. This shows on its own that Tsvangirai does not respect women. Why did people allow Tsvangirai to rule when he does not respect women?” she said.

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  • Brigadier General Douglas Nyikayaramba live@KGVI

    In as much as am MDC i admit Mr PM made some mess here, at least he agreed to take responsibility that settles the issue.and now that you say you are happily married, no more bed hopping Mr PM

  • Cephas Mbenjele

    True, no more bed hopping future President. However, I find Loreta being unreasonable to say she is not receiving enough money when she is earning more than ministers. We begin to suspect that she had other motives in going to bed with the then widowed Tsvangirai. I think a partenity test has to be taken to prove that the child in question is indeed Tsvangirai’s. Future President, keep pying for the child’s upkeep, but with the way Loreta is going, I smell a rat. You may have bedded her, but you must start thinking about her motives. Munhu wepi asingagutsikane ne $1400 per month when ministers are not earning that much.

  • Cathbert Maromo

    Mwari vakatitadzira vakatitorera Amai vedu Susan, zvatavekuitirwa nanaLoreta izvi zvave zvimwe. Prime Minister, we hope that you will resolve this, and if Lorreta is being so unreasonable, get the child and stay with him iye atsvage basa racho raanoti ari kutadziswa kuwana pamusana pemwana. Kushambadza kudaro kuti mari ishoma, a – you lawyers must talk to her, and seriously torai mwana muchengete mega. Amai vatsva Elizabeth varipo vanokubatirai mwana muri kubasa. Because acharamba achingotaura zvisina basa. Imi munombotambira marii paanoda more than $1400.00

  • Mutongi gava

    PM Chimbomira zve dambe izvo-o nekuti gare gare tobvonga No time wasting! So pozzition! nekuti vanhu ndiwo musimboti wako! So usapedzere miseve kumakunguwo!

  • advice yangu kuna president wedu wezimbabwe mr morgan tsvangirai torai mwana mugare naye inga akura wani.mukadzi uyu akungoda mari kubva kwamuri.pls munhu uyu anenge arikufurirwa nerimwe bato.

  • MaiTee

    Now that u are married pliz PM concentrate more kuvasa, mugadzirise nyika yedu inake. No mo galfrends we dont want Zuma in our country.

  • mwanawechishobo

    A 19 month old baby without a birth certificate,someone is not being responsible here and kangamba yaka kanuzuti KGVI akazubweni.ndawunolya makwakwa mfana.

  • Davis

    President torai mwana mugare naye. Zvekuramba muchingo chinja chinja madzimai zvinoita sokunyadzisa isu vatsigiri venyu. Zingizi gonyera pamwe maruva enyika haaperi. Please lead us by example.

  • hanyanani

    1400 chinyi pane kitchen ye 40000, Garikai mwana wake ane floor yese ku Meikles hotel kwaane maoffice, before that it was Locadia nemabody guards straight from harvest ari po pamikirisi, recently he gave 30000 to his close relatives each, akati ringazopera basa musina kudya, this loud eriza akamupa 1500000 million rand paakamurooora, ane 2 ma4matic vana vanoendeswa kuchikoro so please dont insult mai ETHAN, ATORI MUTAMBUDZIKI compared to certain rats that are eating why not her inga madiamond envelopes are doing the rounds not to talk of gold and donor money.

  • Mathumbe Mamba

    Toko kuleli pendeka lakoNyathi. Yena wayengavulela ixhegu okuyimilenzana kobuwule elingisela izifebe zezalukazi zakoTswangirai oMaKhumalo laboMaKhuphe oMasayithi zifebe qho wayesithi wenzani?

  • mageza

    What an irresponsable person an aspiring president who cant manage his own life how do you expect to manage the country

  • He must not hide his loose morals behind “privacy” he is a public figure as such he must be under public scrutiny,he should also make his aids status public.

  • Marigamombe-EX C.IO

    kikikikiki.what a joke and this bed hopper wishes to be president.i tell yu it doesnt suprising me tht by nw he is hiv positive and ironically the first aspiring presidential candidate to be hiv + and stupid some idle minds continue to turn a blind eye to blantant disregard to women rights by the mad man tvsangi.pamberi na Gushungo

  • Chinyoka

    Honerable Prime Minister musanyanyode vakadzi kudaro,look at His Excellence President Mugabe is a humble man,kubva zvakashaya Amai Sally hatina kumbonzwa kuti President Mugabe vamitisa tuvana,kana ani zvake sezvamurikuita izvi,if you want to be a gud leader copy from your seniors like His Excellence President Mugabe,hope you are going to take my advice seriously our Honerable Prime Minister!

  • Jumpdaki

    Reading from the same 14 page document. Wena loreta wathatha ukudla kwenkosi wanika inja now listen how the other dogs are barking and none is sympathising with you. Sihlala silitshela.

  • Liberty Jakarasi

    Honerable Prime Minister musanyanyode vakadzi kudaro,look at His Excellence President Mugabe is a humble man,kubva zvakashaya Amai Sally hatina kumbonzwa kuti President Mugabe vamitisa tuvana,kana ani zvake sezvamurikuita izvi,if you want to be a gud leader copy from your seniors like His Excellence President Mugabe,hope you are going to take my advice seriously our Honerable Prime Minister!

  • Pa Moza

    Ko vaChinyoka makanganwa here? kana kuti you missed it. Bhuru renyu idonza! ndipo panguva dzese rinenge richiita basa, tinozvikudza, iri redu ticharichekawo zvamakaita renyu. yekuita

  • mageza

    copy from the seniours, a humble Excellence NO! NO! that man pregnanted some one wife while his wife was still alive its a case of the pot laughing at the kettle

  • Chegotsi

    Happily married scoundrel!!Future plunderer in the making. All men shld consider getting runyoka frm makorekore, otherwise watchout whn this fellow becomes president. (In the dreams of course).

  • Some people wish that the PM take custody of the child and I wonder how he will do that since the law of Zimbabwe gives the mother of a child the right to child custody till the age of 18 or 16 if the child decide otherwise. In this case Loreta, the mother of the child is entitled to maintainance and the child is entitled to the mother’s love, which is a vital ingredient in the growth of every child.
    Another reason why the child must not be taken from the mother’s care is because the PM and Loreta were never married or stayed as husband and wife.

    On another note the $1 400 is truly peanuts considering the PM’s status. At least $3 000 will make a difference.

  • Anonymous

    thi is not UK he can have as many as he wishes

  • Tirivanhu Chiwawa

    These women are exploiting a vulnerable man who lost his wife in an accident!Stop demonising Tsvangirai, leave him alone.This is his private life, so rightly deserve privacy and to deal with this matter not in papers.I support u MT, 100%.Kana wanaMugabe did these,Kana pane asina kumbotadza ipapo, ngaasimudze dombo amuteme.

  • Mutengesi Chii?

    Hamusirimi mazvitanga Save. Dhuze chreporter chanyora nyaya iyi chimwana chemusango.

  • nancy masungo

    P.M takunyarirai pliz focus on kuvaka nyika support yedu vanhu kwamuri ichaderera nezvamurikuita zvevakadzi hobho hobho.

  • Cedric Sibanda

    What a pity this girl stooped to the levels of screwing an imbecile! He is not a leader, he never has been and he never will be. He has done all this in order to gain popularity amongst the masses. As someone once said – if there was a donkey as a candidate everyone would vote for the donkey as opposed to mugabe and tsvangarai- there aren’t any options! He has started off on the wrong foot in everything he has done, kept quiet on issues that required open debate, remained a subservient house-boy to mugabe and his generals without getting the backing from his own party. The list of negatives is endless! BUT! He is definitely the wrong individual to lead zimbabwe – he has proved that on numerous occasions. So what if he’s been beaten up and ridiculed by the generals – they walk over him and who really cares. All I can say is that with either the mdc or zanu in charge we will for ever remain a doomed state – similar to somalia!!!!

  • General hannibal

    that little goldigger got what she deserved.

  • Mwana kuita 19 months old no birthcertitficate and no baba vambomuona…and thats a PM’s baby?? What example to young men? Any respect or responsibility? Lok idiots are now saying tora mwana ugare naye because they are as stupid as he is. Mr PM you must be proud of your son, you may get the shock of your life akakura akaita PM iwe uchibvumira your silly spokesman to call him ‘the so-called son.’ How will that boy regard you in future akura overenga what you let your spokeman refer him as. Inga vamwe vawaimitisa you bought houses for them ku Harare, uyu wakoneyi kuchengetwa, without bringing tribalism, is it because his mother in from Bulawayo? PM behave yourself and act responsibly. You can not claim to care about Zims if you can not care about your own son. Just avoid kumitisa if you are not responsible.

  • Gold digger?? What did the PM want from a mere 24 year old baby iye aine 60 years with his stature. Shorayi PM for abusing women not the girl. The PM is wrong and should take care of his child. Your blind loyalty is sickening if she was your sister being treated that way would you be calling her such names in defence of an irresponsible womaniser? The girl needs to sue the PM for more bucks and drag your man to court to embarrass him. Panzvimbo pokuti mutyire vana venyu imi you are supporting a crazy man


    A-a-ngatiregeyi kunyeperana pano,dai kuri ku UK he would have been fired,says who? Iwe Staff Reporter get your facts right. Many UK MPs have had children by their mistresses and for your own information right or wrong these cases are always refered to as private matters.The only difference here is that they usually take care of their brats etc. Morgan needs to be a man, he chose to sire a child out of wedlock so should be fully responsible for the child’s upkeep. If he can’t accept responsibility he needs to resign and resign SOON. So?

  • Bla Miki

    Blindfolded is all l can say about many living under the imaginative umbrella of the MDC T. How dare you, in all fairness accuse this innocent young woman Ms Nyathi of being a gold digger? Who will protect our vulnerable women from abuse if the so called leaders have no respect for them? The child is a victim of circumstances and his father should be ashamed of neglecting his own blood. Given the nature of this MDC Prime Minister of abondoning his offspring (Richard and Ethan), how will he be able to give a fatherely love to the whole nation? The people of Zimbabwe must reject this idiot during election time, tisatongwa nedhimoni.

  • mofire

    he must learn to do it in the bottom so that he does not produce kids. this was a trick we used during the struggle when we had no condoms. this also is what happens when you have a leader who has not had combat experience and had to put up with hardships.

  • muzondotricia

    iye mwana mudiki asina matyira ekudanana nemunhu anenge baba vake aidei no protection i golddigger aive akateya mari kuda kudya zvausina kurima

  • Cedric Sibanda

    Mofire, are you telling us all that you used to screw bla miki up the arse using a condom in your camps in Mozambique? That bla miki idiot must have been a kid, so you screw kids as well? Listen, we know that you all like screwing goats, but really, up the arse certifies you, Chando and bla miki etc. of being gays. You savages continue to let the cat out of the bag about who you really are! That scum of a Prime Minister of yours has to travel all the way to Bulawayo to find a real woman! Thank you bla miki for pointing that out – he is one of your brothers, please control him. Just now he’ll be screwing our goats as well!

  • Anonymous

    Premier expect negative publicity always. the most important think is to hold the pressure. i urge you to take a clue from Jacob Zuma, under intense criticism about unprotected sex, he rose into power.

  • tumbirai

    Premier expect negative publicity always. the most important think is to hold the pressure. i urge you to take a clue from Jacob Zuma, under intense criticism about unprotected sex, he rose into power.

  • P.M mune moto.those ladies want 2 eat what they did not swet 4!

  • Professor M__

    Morgan T formed MDC in 1997.
    Zimbabweans joined and voted for MDC.
    MDC won many Parliament seats.
    It was Morgan that formed MDC, so let’s allow him lead his party. It is Morgan’s party not yours. He suffered a lot to be were he is right now. If you are not happy with MDC-T, this is a free country and ure more than free to form your own political party.

    Morgan T never had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder counselling nor did he have any sort of Post Stress therapy to heal the psychological wounds of torture and the death of his wife. The only refuge he found was through his mistresses. You cannot blame a man for that. Every man is like that. Remember, Morgan is only human. So let’s support his rise to presidency. Morgan doesn’t really give a toss about power. He only wants to see change in this country. We need a new constitution and a civil led Army that bows down to parliament. That is Morgan’s vision.

    We as black people need to bring about this change using MDC-T as that vehicle. Its not the best party in the world, no is Morgan the best man in the world, but he is our only hope. There is no-one else who can carry the the torch except Morgan. ” Half a loaf is better than nothing “

  • Cedric Sibanda

    Professor M – do you not mean “we as shona people”? We know we are black, so why throw in the colour issue when we are totally reliant on white folk to bale us out of the big black hole! Who mines our Diamonds? Who is going to Darwendale to mine our Chrome? Who are the 3 remaining Banks that have not gone broke? Who supplies us with food aid? Who do we run to when we are begging for money? Who honestly feeds us? Think very carefully before you put finger to keyboard. Not everyone in our Country is responsible for the situation we are in!!!

  • Vukani Malele

    Mr Tswangirai, you can not claim this is your private life when you are holding a public office and this can not be a private life. It is as well at public’s interest and instead, answers should be coming forth and please stop evading the issue. you’re such a disgrace and a horrible nightmare.

  • gunguo

    ko chegotsi indava kunyarara hako pakadai shaaz?

  • Chigwadziso

    Chematama should fork out mari inemusoro kana kungoroora maiNyathi ava,inga mumwe wake Jaco Zuma publicly boasts of many wives.Chibhurumashanga ichi ngachiendeswe kucourt pabude mari svinu at least $12000 madhora ekuAmerica pamwedzi..haa iyo nyoro makainzwa kunaka vaMogiza