Zimbabwe: MDC-T Dossier, SPIN – Fidelis Fengu Speaks


The Deputy Chairperson of the Special Advisory Board in the Ministry of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment, Fidelis Fengu has spoken to ZimEye following rumours that he is prepared to testify in court for the MDC-T’s special dossier on alleged vote rigging.

Mr Fengu(FF) also spoke concerning an organisation he started and is coordinating in Harare which is condemned by the notorious faceless Facebook character Baba Jukwa, SPIN which as he defends it, is called the “Social Political Innovators Network.”


QN:During the run up to the last elections, were you not linked to and involved in vote rigging activities?

FF:It has been said that I participated in alleged vote rigging, and these are baseless allegations that seek to tarnish my reputation as a political innovator. Most of the constituencies in Bulawayo Province where I had vested interests were lost to the opposition and the few constituencies where we went and helped out we did very well. Team ZANU PF was well prepared for this election and Zimbabweans demonstrated the faith they have in President R. G. Mugabe and wise leadership, policies and personal philosophies that set him apart from other contenders. This election belonged to the Children of Zimbabwe and it was about choosing Empowerment over JUICE.

QN: There is this report circulating about you are prepared and ready to testify in an election trial on vote rigging unearthed by the MDC-T. What is your position regarding this and can you hint us?

FF:There are rumours that I will be cited in some dossier or court action on these poll fraud allegations I have not been approached by anyone and if anyone intends to approach me then they best be informed that they are barking up the wrong tree. It seems like the name Fidelis Fengu is fast becoming a news item on electronic media and anyone who seeks attention now uses my name, maybe I should start charging people for the mentions; lol, get a life because zvangu zvirikubhadhara. Some have accused me of being part of the Job Sikhala – Madhuku alliance, truth of the matter is that I would rather be part of the Unity, Peace, Development machinery than any other formation in Zimbabwe, and if I were in South Africa I am sure I would be part of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)screamer_fengu

QN: Were you involved in acts of aggression, and voter intimidation?

FF:There never was any intimidation or aggression, it was like asking out a girl, (kupfimba), we went out to convince people to love ZANU PF and to love Cde. R. G. Mugabe and the team of candidates that had been set. You do not intimidate the person you love. Comrades like Psychology Maziwisa and others lead a spirited peaceful campaign that aggressively pushed the ZANU PF empowerment ideology and their work paid off. They must be commended and educuate those that lost from Team ZANU PF so they can learn how to mount a successful campaign.

QN: Are you linked to an alleged terror youth group in Harare and the rest of Mashonaland East?

FF:I am not linked and neither do I wish to be linked to any terror group anywhere in Zimbabwe. I prefer a peaceful approach, let our ideas battle each other while our hands work to put food on our tables.

QN: What about allegations of your involvement in a youth investment endeavour called “SPIN,” as alleged on social networking website Facebook?

FF: SPIN is an idea. It is the Social Political Innovators Network. We get together and discuss social and political innovations that are good for constituencies, communities and the country as a whole. Some misconstrue the role or work of SPIN and others just wish to burn every good work meant for the good of the country. We do not handle or run any investments. I own a private investment company called FACT Africa Investments, and this entity does not have any business interests in Zimbabwe.

Thank you very much.


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  • chematama

    Did you burn Solomon Mujuru to death ?

  • Greyhora

    Yeah, very stupid interview, who cares about Fidog Fengay anyway?

  • nzanzara

    fengu the writelegend or someone else?.

  • 49styles

    musatitambisira nguva yedu nonsense interview

  • Nxaaa!!!!

  • matso

    What a stupid interviewam its like asking a suspected murderer to confess in the press. What kind of a journalist are you?

  • A complete useless interview.

  • john rambo

    dai matoti kuna berverly how far na billiart kwete kutambisa nguva nana fengu.

  • f fengu

    yes ndakamupisa solomom so what???

  • Jumpdaki

    Greydonkey you are a radarless pig. You seek to brand yourself as a spokeman for that tea loving sellout outfit yet you speak the language of ZPF.

    Zanu is against gay and MDC-Tea led by Tsvangay loves them gaygangsters. So are you ZPF, MDC-Tea or both? Fengu can never be Fidog Fengay as much as Jumpdaki can never be Jumpgrey or something but can be Jumpgreydonkey or Jumpgreykaka. How hard is this wena nja!

  • Jumpdaki

    Fengu spends years planning for the formation of spin yet you greybasta*d spend equal numbers of years planning about how to be a permanent yellow porridge eating dog. did Fengu ever say your porridge is not yellow? So why claim SPIN is not a political inovative organisation or network?

  • Greyhora

    As for you Jumpkaka, always off-topic and drunkenly howling like a mad dog, you can go straight to hell nja! no scratch that… go straight back into your mama’s anus, from whence u came!

  • Brigadier General Douglas Nyikayaramba live @ KGVI

    Cde Greyhora you must have stepped on the dog’s tail. Look how its barking.I am starting to believe Figay Fengudog is actually Jumpdonkeygay , look at the way he came out guns blazing defending that SPiN whatever it is.

  • Brigadier General Douglas Nyikayaramba live @ KGVI

    My question to Fengu is, Did you kill Rex and then burnt him or you burnt him whilst he was still alive….Mhosva hairove mupfanha wangu!!!


  • Grace Marufu Mugabe

    Fengu tirikumunhonga manje manje zvedu. Ari muradha kutaura kudai. Muchamuchema manje manje. Vakamushandisa zvakakwana. Tikavaregerera vafanava vanouray vanhu vakawandisa takatarisawo here shuwa. Mauraire atakaita Gezi, Chindori, nevamwe vavo ndomaendero ari kuita Fengu manje manje. Ndati hakusisina kwaari kuenda atopinda muradha.

  • nyoka

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  • stannie

    batai munhu varume asati adhakwa. akange adhakwa hamuzomugoni, hamuoni kuti chinenge chipoko.