Mugabe’s ‘gay’ journalist spared the whip again
27 September 2011

One of President Robert Mugabe’s chief journalists Robert Mukondiwa who was reportedly caught in the act of gay intimacy while on a trip with the president has been spared disciplinary action by the president.
Mukondiwa has continued to write and edit for state media newspapers The Herald and the H Metro despite crossing Mugabe’s code of ethical of conduct in August when he was caught in the act of gay intimacy with a Namibian man while on a trip with Mugabe in the Southern African country.
Robert Mugabe who in recent years has said gay people are worse than dogs was expected to have disciplined Mukondiwa.
When asked by a friend if he was going anywhere after the incident, Mukondiwa said he was not going anywhere: ”Hapana kwandiri kuenda ini. Handiende zvachose. I live forever shamwari,” he said.
The journalist at one point was suspended for similar acts only to be reinstated and then subsequently promoted.
This is not the first time the journalist has been caught red handed: sometime in March last year he was caught with a fellow journalist engaging in homosexual act in the newsroom at the Herald house.
The two were caught having sex by security guards who had come to investigate strange noises coming from the newsroom at a time journalists had knocked off duty.
Sources said few male and female journalists at Zimpapers Harare branch are openly gay and some of them have also participated in gay and lesbian parades in South Africa and Europe.
The Zimpapers journalist this time had accompanied President Robert Mugabe during a visit to Namibia to attend a meeting of former liberation movements in Southern Africa.
The case had not been heard so far at the time of writing as it had been overshadowed by the death of retired General Solomon Mujuru who died in a fire blaze.
It was reported that Mugabe who wields a zero intolerance to homosexually was humiliated by the incident.(ZimEye, Zimbabwe)