ITAI DZAMARA: Heavily Armed British Police Fire Warning at Zim Embassy
28 March 2015
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  • Mugabe envoy flees into hiding.
  • Ready to shoot British  Terror Squad enter with bullet-loaded machine guns
  • Release Dzamara now!

Robert Mugabe’s London offshoot office was humiliated by heavily armed British Police on Thursday when the embassy raised a false terror alarm causing a disturbing hoax scene in the latest of the Itai Dzamara  abduction development.
Ready to shoot British  Terror Police Squad ended up warning the under siege Zimbabwe Embassy not to ever again  waste their weaponry, fuel and time in another false alarm, after Zimbabwean citizens besieged the embassy demanding the release of democracy activist Itai Dzamara.
A group of Zimbabweans among them ZAPU activists, and Zim Vigil members on Thursday morning stormed the embassy calling for the release of the activist and a return to the rule of law.
Speaking to after William Chinyanga confirmed that, ‘Zimbabwe’s London ambassador today called anti- terrorist police, but at the end the police gave the embassy staff a warning that they must not raise false alarms.’
The police rapid response team accompanied by snipers reacted immediately on an assumption that the embassy was under terror attack. They came wielding MP5SFA3 semi-automatic carbines with an EOTech 512 holographic-sight attached.

After storming the embassy, the police however came face to face with peaceful protesting Zimbabweans. After establishing that the demonstration was a genuine protest, the cops fired back at the embassy staff telling them, ‘do not make false calls about terror’, and they demanded to see the ambassador who was nowhere to be seen having fled into hiding.
The Zimbabwean embassy in South Africa was also under siege and activities were disrupted.
Disruptions at Zimbabwe embassies around the world are expected to intensify and according to the activists they will close all embassies. The activists told that the struggle is set to topple all embassies as Zimbabweans back home have little freedom to express their anger against the government.