WARNING-DISTURBING VIDEOS of “Zimbabweans” Being Burnt Alive as Mugabe Dines
9 April 2015
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opinion_angry1 - CopyDisturbing video and picture footage allegedly of “young Zimbabweans” being burnt alive by barbaric South Africans in Durban have emerged just as President Mugabe was conducting his state visit to that country. While the exact location and dating of the footage could not be ascertained, several confirmed reports of attacks on foreigners were reported as they happened on Wednesday:

Chatsworth attack [News24.com Update]
KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson Major Thulani Zwane confirmed earlier that Chatsworth residents attacked foreign nationals staying in an informal settlement on Tuesday night, forcing them to evacuate.
“The community members also burnt a shack belonging to a foreigner. Chatsworth SAPS members assisted the victims and tried to move them to a place of safety but they refused stating that they are afraid to be deported,” Zwane said.
A 42-year-old man was injured during the attack.
In Sydenham, about 100 residents also attacked foreign nationals at an informal settlement.
“[Police] tried to assist the foreigners who were under attack and the community members began throwing stones at the police,” Zwane said.
“SAPS fired rubber bullets to disperse the unruly crowd. One unidentified foreign national was injured and taken to hospital for medical treatment. The community members were demanding all foreigners to evacuate the informal settlement. The police managed to contain the situation.”
-Report by Ezra Sibanda-
Disturbing images of Zimbabweans being burnt alive by barbaric South Africans in Durban have emerged in the midst of President Mugabe state visit to that country. These images are horrific indeed,

it’s actually videos of young Zimbabweans being brutalised by a gang of lazy and uneducated South Africans. In one mobile fone footage, a woman is stoned to death in the middle of the road. Her crime is being a foreigner. In another video some people including children less than 10 are being necklaced, poured with petrol and then set ablaze. The black on black cruelty of this magnitude violates the essence of humanity. It shows how primitive and backward black people are as a race.
The brutality in the videos is evil, and moreso a grave breach of the international law. It shows the entrenched and institutionalised black on black brutality in out Motherland. Yet, these are the same people who during apartheid years were given sanctuary in Zimbabwe. I remember as a young boy seeing South African refuges in Bulawayo living at Palace Hotel paid for by Zimbabwean tax payers. Thabo Mbeki’s father sought sanctuary in Zimbabwe. We all received them, sheltered them and risked the bombs of the mighty apartheid Airforce who were in hot pursuit of them. We recognised their struggle, we fed them, we treated them with dignity and civil. But this week, precisely today, black South Africans are turning against their saviours, us Zimbabweans. They are even killing Zimbabwean children.
This is a very sad African story. The level of brutality smacks of a crime prosecutable at the International Court in The Hague because the torture of innocent Zimbabweans by their South Africans counterparts snacks of a Crime Against Humanity. This crime implicates even the South African government if the day for moral indifference. It’s sad that up to now President Zuma has not spoken out, yet it was King Zwelithini who instigated this crime against foreigners.