Zupa is Another Zanu PF Poisonous Concoction
27 July 2015
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The President of Zupa (Zimbabwe Unemployed People’s Association) has come out in the open expressing his appreciation of the First Lady Dr. Grace Mugabe in congratulating her on her 50th birthday. This comes after months of faking appearances pretending to be an independent body representing millions unemployed citizens of Zimbabwe.
On Friday the 24th July 2015, Mr. Innocent Ndibali came out in the open removing all doubt that they are not a non party affiliate but are in fact a Zanu PF organ.
My good question is, do Zupa members on the ground in Zimbabwe know this that they are not a non party affiliate of a political organisation but a political party affiliate of Zanu PF organ? It is high time this organisation came clean and told us the truth about them. These double standards do not help them anyhow. This double dipping is untidy. They cannot claim to be non partisan at the same time bootlicking the first lady Dr. Grace Mugabe. Who are they cheating? Are they talking advantage of the desperation of the people on the ground for granted and they think they can use and abuse them politically for their personal gains? Somehow Zupa thinks it’s very smart, but we are watching you as a political organisation, please do not fool us into thinking you are not political. You are Zanu full stop! But because this space is civil I will not be permitted to use the name “d” to express my disapproval of your organisation.
Mr. Ndibali tell us how much you gained by bootlicking Dr. Grace Mugabe? Did you get the famous farms that all other bootlickers got from her? Mr. Ndibali can you please leave the unemployed people alone as they deal with their very challenging  lives they face everyday than to come in and use them to gain personally from the First Lady at the expense of the struggling unemployed.
Please, I appeal to all unemployed people of Zimbabwe, if you are not careful there are unscrupulous people who can take advantage of your situation to get farms and all other offers that boot lickers get from the First Lady, Dr. Grace Mugabe. Zupa is a fake organisation that is misleading the unemployed people into thinking they are working on behalf of them in a non partisan manner. This organisation is dubious as it can claim both ends, partisan and non partisan at the same vein. They are working on their own selfish ends; they represent themselves behind your backs. They are using your number; there are millions of you who are unemployed, and they use that to further their own selfish ends. Please be careful, the wolves are around you, be warned.
Yours in the struggle
Nomazulu Thata