War Vets Push for Total ShutDown of Zimbabwe
5 July 2016
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In another rare feat the hunted and the hunter have joined hands Tuesday after War Vets this evening announced open and unequivocal support for the Wednesday shut down.
In what strongly shows like an irreversible momentum, war veterans have backed the ongoing wave of protests against President Robert Mugabe’s government saying the ruling party has failed Zimbabweans in a big way.
Addressing a press conference in Harare today, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya said people have been pushed to the edge by Zanu PF’s disastrous policies since independence.
“The entire crisis that has befallen our great country is a result of poor governance and endemic corruption which is now bearing its evil fruits that are on verge of consuming the entire fabric of Zimbabwean nationhood,” said Mahiya.
On Monday disgruntled commuter omnibus operators fought running battles with the police and tomorrow, there are more planned protests around the country.
Disgruntlement has been growing against Mugabe’s government, and the war veterans, once a pillar of strength for the ruling party, are now also feeling the pinch as the economy tumbles.
“The Constitution gives Zimbabweans the right to demonstrate but …. people must not destroy properties, it’s not good, as for tomorrow, we heard the issue of stay-away but what I want to urge people is to remain peaceful. It’s  better for them to remain at their homes than giving opportunity to hooligans who want to take advantage of the protests,” Mahiya said tongue in cheek.
Despite feigning unity in Zanu PF, there is apparently no love lost between Mugabe and the ex-combatants who reminded the 92 year old strongman that he has failed the generality of the public and people who lost their lives fighting for independence, mainly because he is surrounded by “liars”.
“Self-seeking people who were entrusted with the task of shepherding and driving our economy have betrayed not only the country but also their principals who end up being blamed for their misdemeanours,” said Mahiya.
The war veterans traced the cash shortages that the country is grappling with to Zanu PF bigwigs whom they said are stashing the greenbacks in offshore accounts.
The ex-combatants who were early this year pummelled by police also took the opportunity to throw a jab at their nemesis.
“Being a police officer has become brisk business in our country where individuals have become filthy rich in a short space of time,” said Mahiya. – Dailynews