Olinda “Murder Plot” Shocker
20 February 2017
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Stunner’s ex wife, Olinda Chapel has been exposed in a shocking live video she shot of herself plotting to deal with Desmond Chideme as she was also audibly heard talking to a man audibly conniving to a plot to actually hurt Stunner.

The video was shot on Friday night and a man she claims is her brother, is heard saying as per instruction “I am now killing him.”

She is heard repeating the phrases, “do whatever you desire son of my mother” as the man says he is now killing Stunner. Another man’s voice believed to be Stunner’s is then heard crying out in deep pain following Olinda’s brother’s promise that he is now killing Stunner. (The shocking full video footage will be re-streamed on ZimEye.com throughout the day today and a LIVE DISCUSSION Olinda herself invited, opened at 11am, 4pm (UK time) today.)

During that time, Stunner is then bizarrely attacked by unknown assailants in Harare, Zimbabwe. In the melee, Stunner luckily survives, and manages to come out, albeit severely injured, just as Olinda boasts saying her ex is so poor that he does not even have money to pay for his medical bills.

Within hours, the following day, Olinda then suddenly and dramatically tells ZimEye.com in an exclusive interview that Stunner has been involved in an accident. She then quickly rushes to claim that Stunner might be playing a stunt. But between the two, Stunner and Olinda, who was the real stunt-woman/man?  ZimEye.com explores the shocking facts today as they are revealed in undeniable, impeccable video-graphic detail. On Saturday, Olinda announced following a police crack down, she has been kicked out of the Facebook website and people wishing to connect with her can only find her on ZimEye. Follow the investigation as it continues today on ZimEye.com and the LIVE-DISCUSSION at 3pm (UK time).

0 Replies to “Olinda “Murder Plot” Shocker”

  1. Iwe Simba usaite kunge fuza. That video is there on Nehandaradio for all to see and we heard Olinda achiti aiwa munhu haaurayiwe. You need to stop this rogue journalism. Nonsense mhani, usatiite ma stupid ako. Nxaaa

  2. I watched your streaming and I fail to understand why it was done. Some things need not streaming at all. I didn’t watch Olinda’s video in question but for ZimEye to air something like this when you don’t have substantial facts is not right in any way or form. Simply bad journalism. Let’s remember this is cyber we are dealing with and it’s saddest thing in the near future when Olinda’s name is gonna be smeared with “murder plot” when there was no murder plot or murder at all. Why is that his fans are saying he’s well and nothing happened to him? This is simply bad journalism and please stop it.

  3. Enda pa Nehandaradio unoiona wega video yacho Simba anopenga uyu. He’s just looking for hot news. Atikwanire

  4. I’ve seen it now and WOW! ZimEye this is a very dangerous way of grabbing viewers. Even Stunner guy called and he don’t sound like someone who just got assaulted. I’m gobsmacked 😀 😀 😀

  5. being a zimbo doesnt mean we are daft. check time line 6:45 she says, ”ngaafone paphone yake aenda ku greendale” meaning stunner was in greendale away from the hitman. At 8
    :00 Olinda says, ” Chero paunomubatira….” meaning when the hitman catches up with stunner. how come “stunner” is now crying in the background. this is doctored clip the say way Bla Phidza’s clip was edited together with Olindas. Cheap reporting. U should consider a section with the heading Jokes and Pranks and classify such stuff

  6. @Simba, when are you going to withdraw this story? it has been discredited and reeks of sensationalism. Fake news.

  7. No you need your petty ass mind to get some sharpeing so you learn to self-respect.
    Disgustingly rude !