CIO Drops Bombshell $80 mil Dossier On Chombo’s Court File
1 December 2017
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By Dorrothy Moyo| The Central Intelligence Organisation has dropped an $80 million dossier onto Former Finance Minister, Ignatius Chombo’s prosecution file.

The dossier might see Chombo being the man behind the Airport road construction which saw the costs ballooning to a whopping $80 million figure.

Chombo is facing charges of fraud, criminal abuse of office and contravening the Prevention of Corruption Act.

The CIO has submitted what it says is evidence on Chombo’s alleged corruption for further investigation.

The former President Robert Mugabe is alleged to have protected Chombo and continued to ignore the reports despite submissions by the CIO.

Mugabe went on to promote Chombo to be the Minister of Home Affairs, where he would preside over the police, despite the numerous allegations and reports.

A source is quoted by the weekly newspaper, the Independent, saying: “at one time a dossier was prepared to and handed to Mugabe by the CIO for actioning but instead, the president went on to appoint Chombo as Home Affairs minister. This was seen as a clear message that he was untouchable.”

Chombo is also accused of authorising the construction of the Pomona Business Complex and the Bluffhill Development Centre, without council approval and in violation of the Regional Town and Country Planning Act of 1996.

He is also accused of conniving with Augur Investments to fleece the Harare City Council. Augur which incidentally, shared a business address with one of Chombo’s companies, Harvest Net Investments, was awarded a US$80 million contract to construct Airport Road, which is less than 30 km. The project was supposed to have been finished in 2010, but only got finished in 2014, after Zinara took over the project. Augur Investments was accused of mismanaging funds.

Chombo, it is claimed, also fraudulently acquired stand number 61 of Helensvale and another stand, subdivision K of Nthaba, which he sold to a third party without paying for it.