Mnangagwa’s Next Cabinet Reshuffle By Monday
2 December 2017
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By Discent Bajila | Yesterday I highlighted that we must expect another installment of Ministerial appointments from Emmerson Mnangagwa because that initial list was made in the absence of due diligence.


The law allows him to appoint up to 5 people from outside Parliament to become Ministers. He had appointed 10 instead.

In today’s installment he drops the following people because they are not MPs and it will be unlawful to swear them in.

1) Christopher Mutsvangwa
2) Lazarus Dokora
3) Prof Clever B Nyathi and
4) Joshua T Malinga.

The remaining Ministers and Deputy Miniters from outside Parliament are

1) Air Marshall Perrence Shiri
2) Major General Sibusiso Moyo
3) July Moyo
4) Wiston Chitando
5) Prof Amon Murwira.
6) Victor Matemadanda.

From amongst the dropped ones Petronella Gonye and Paul Mavima replaced Nyathi and Dokora respectively. Malinga takes his Ministerial responsibility to be an Advisory in the Presidency.

No replacement has been made for Chris Mutsvangwa who was initially appointed Media and Broadcasting Services Minister.

This means that we must be ready for another installment of appointments wherein the number of Ministers and Deputy Ministers from outside Parliament will be reduced from the unlawful 6 to the lawful 5. The next installment must also give us our new minister of Media and Broadcasting Services.

Given that the swearing in has been scheduled for Monday 4 December, we must expect the next installment earlier than that.

Karma is a real bitch. In 2015, Zimbabweans laughed at what South Africa President did with David van Rooyen. This is far worse.

Kutonga Kwaro!!!!