Mutambara Says Mnangagwa Didn’t At All Fire Dokora Because Of People’s Concerns, It Was Just Legal Paperwork
2 December 2017
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By Dorothy Moyo| Former Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara has announced saying President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s firing of controversial minister Lazarus Dokora early Saturday morning has got nothing to do with people’s concerns.

“Just a word of caution. The cabinet adjustments this morning have nothing to do with the outcry over the quality of Ministers.

“The objective of the adjustments was to address the illegality of the Cabinet with respect to the number non-constituent Ministers. Dokora frees a non/ constituenct slot, while Nyathi and Mutsvangwa are no longer officially Cabinet Ministers.

“These adjustments allow the number of the non constituent Ministers to go to the constitutionally provided for number of 5.

“The adjustments have absolutely nothing to do to sensitivity to the public outcry about the unimaginative Cabinet appointments.”