Mnangagwa Humiliates Nkosana Moyo, Own Cousin
6 December 2017
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Nomazulu Thata| To verify my facts regarding Nkosana Moyo’s flip-flopping: the world has suddenly discovered that the presidential aspirant and leader of the Agenda of People’s Alliance (APA), Moyo, more than a week ago declared that his party willing, he would be happy to be part of Mnangagwa’s government. Nkosana Moyo said he is ready to serve in President Mnangagwa’s government. What happened later then? Was he invited by his cousin: Mukaranga from Masvingo?

How unfortunate, how disturbing, how misleading is our presidential hopeful Dr. Nkosana Moyo. Is he sure he was going to serve a government that came to power through the back door: the military take-over, the military coup, the putsch? Is he comfortable to have to joined a Zanu PF government, a government full of thugs? Would it be wise if he just abandoned APA and joined Zanu PF, end of story?

He is not alone in this flip-flopping! Some most established opposition parties fell into the trap. President Tsvangirai was airlifted from his sick-bed in South Africa to come and legitimise the military take-over. Gullibly and naively he hurriedly went home to be part of the inauguration of the Second President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. We saw how he hugged newly sworn President Mnangagwa in the hope that all will come to “fruition” on his part, we all know it. Richard Morgan Tsvangirai does not learn from his mistakes at all. We know how he was cheated by Jonathan Moyo, not to field any candidate in Tsholotsho North, only for Jonathan to turn against him after winning the Tsholotsho constituency with a land-slide, joined Zanu PF. We know too how he insulted Tsvangirai, a hand that fed, in 2005 Jonathan Moyo was in the cold when Zanu PF sacked him from government and party because of the Tsholotsho Saga with Mnangagwa, and he badly wanted to reinvent himself by winning the Tsholotsho seat, he did with the help of Tsvangirai.

Again Themba Mliswa did the same in Norton. MDC-T assisted Themba Mliswa to win Norton seat. Themba won the parliamentary seat and then after he showed MDC-T a middle finger. Now press fast forward, November 2017, Zanu PF knowing Tsvangirai’s weaknesses well, they did that to him too AND IT WORKED. Tsvangirai must have been promised “big” for him to leave his sick-bed, he abandoned chemo-therapy treatment going home at the invitation of Zanu PF, after the inauguration his party was left to hang and dry. The rest is open knowledge in the social media. No need to repeat what we already know. Who is telling the truth between Mutsvangwa and MDC-T is neither here nor there.

We the general population had hoped that technocrats, legal experts of the likes of Tendai Biti will come handy and give us ground-breaking insights to the events of November coup, the military take-over of the state and its consequences and precedence it can give to other countries in the region. Tendai Biti, was silent on the

coup, he was hoping he will be invited to the gravy train and “eat” with the rest of them. When he was not invited he vented his disappointment on Voice of America. It’s cold outside government in Zimbabwe. One wonders how he was going to be part of the cabinet without a mandate from the people! The silence of such personalities such a Biti actually legalizes the whole coup processes; it gives legality to a government that came through the back door. The present government of Mnangagwa is illegal. The silence of the well-known legal fraternity gave the international community the impression that the coup was supported by the people and therefore must be given recognition.

Excluding Dr. Alex Magaisa and David Coltart from them all legal experts in Zimbabwe, Alex Magaisa tried in his tweets to explain to us in layman’s language we understand, what the military coup actually means in modern context: the constitution was seriously breached. Infightings in a political party do not in any way mean that the solution has to be military take-over of the government. The military has no mandate to take sides in a political party disputes unless if the military is openly saying they are Zanu PF wing of the government. We are grateful for those legal explanations Magaisa passionately offered on social media if one was following his tweets.

Nkosana Moyo is not alone who expressed his willingness to join Mnangagwa’s government. General Dumiso Dabengwa openly supported the coup take-over. He went live in South African media: he was for the coup, he said. He went further to express his willingness to be part of the government of Mnangagwa. A good question comes in: if he was given a post, or he will be given a post as vice President, on what mandate will he serving the country? General Dabengwa has never won elections since the Millennium in Bulawayo and Mathebeleland. He tried twice both in general elections of 2013 and by-elections of 2015 and they failed dismally and embarrassingly. The constituencies in Bulawayo and Mathebelelands rejected Zapu and Dabengwa long back. Would we be excused if we say he was going to represent himself in that government, because it appears that Mnangagwa government is a government that is packed with appointments of appeasements rather than abilities and capabilities to execute service to the people? As someone from Mathebeleland, General Dabengwa should spare us the pain, he should respect our pain. The Zanu PF congress is coming in a week’s time; he may make it as Vice President in Comrade Mnangagwa’s government.

In Nkosana’s “You Tube” Mnangagwa’s Cabinet; we expected from Nkosana Moyo to hear poignant points that indicate to us that this is the man of the moment. We wanted to hear Nkosana talking about corruption and how absurd and one-sided the new Mnangagwa government deals with it. It would appear that those accused of corruption are G40 victims only. There is NO holistic approach to corruption and its eradication. For Nkosana Moyo to just pick the weakest link from Mathebeleland: Obert Mpofu, leaving all those corrupt ministers in the new government from Mashonalands is wholly unfair and shows how fearful our presidential hopeful is. It is

easy for him to crush the people of Mathebeleland than elsewhere. Start with Obert Mpofu’s life style and end with Mnangagwa’s life style of looting public funds.

We wanted to hear Nkosana explaining to us his sudden turn-around, he changed his mind in joining the government of Mnangagwa because the Zanu PF party is still the same as it was; the system Mugabeism has not collapsed because of the departing of Robert Mugabe, he could not be part of it. We wanted to hear him say he could not be part of the military junta that got into power through the back door. We wanted to hear him say Mr. Ignatius Chombo is not the only one who was corrupt: name and shame all those who are corrupt: where is the 15 billion dollars diamond revenues that rightly belong to the people of Zimbabwe. When the military discovered 8 million dollars in Chombo’s house, how many millions of dollars does Chiwenga, Mnangagwa, Chihuri, Zimondi, and Obert Mpofu: the list is very long, have in their houses today.

Why did we not hear in his “you tube” about the 8 dollars in millions they found in Chombo’s home anymore? Why this selective morality of punishing the party G40 criminals because they lost the Zanu PF infighting? What about the 7 billion dollars that were supposed to be put in Lacoste bank account in China by Chiwenga’s visit to the country before the military coup, but China refused to release the loot to him, instead they wanted to put it into Mugabe’s account of G40?

When we talk about corruption we want all those facts known to the public and not one-sided purging of corrupt G40 elements only. Lacoste is not clean either, it’s just that they call the shots, they are in power. Looting of public funds was done by all of them: Lacoste and G40 in equal measure. Why is Mnangagwa protecting Mugabe in that manner we do not understand? There are deep secrets he is fearful they spill over to the public and we know what we have always been fearing those atrocities happened: known by Mnangagwa and Mugabe: both of which are murderers and thugs in equal measure.

Given his academics and “Mother Theresa” approach to politics, Nkosana would have explained to us that this euphoria and hysteria that engulfed the nation was good and bad: good in the sense that it removed Mugabe from power, but the over-excitement of the nation played in the hands of the military that desperately wanted legitimacy internationally and they got the recognition they wanted. That mood of victory and celebration was quickly taken away from the nation when Mnangagwa started to show his true colours. Now we hear of military abusing the civilians in Kwekwe and elsewhere. The military used the povo in the way they wanted them, they have dropped them, and the means-justified-the-ends-ethics were at play. The military is today brutalizing the civilian population at will. The mood is now military in the sense of the word.

The cabinet is still the same, the difference is that Mugabe is absent: Nkosana Moyo was not invited to the new government of Mnangagwa despite the fact that he had openly indicated his great interest in being part of the new dispensation.

Nkosana Moyo should have explained to us more about the inaugural speech of the president that was wholly meant to please the international community than the peoples of Zimbabwe. “Let bygone be bygones” is not enough to heal the loss of loved ones, wounds of the maimed, petrified and fearful peoples of Zimbabwe who are nursing wounds of uttermost loss and untold brutality of Mnangagwa and the military; murders and brutality whose masterminds was Mnangagwa and the military. Nkosana should have asked such pertinent questions: how the government can promise to compensate white farmers and he does not go further to say how he is going to heal the nation’s wounds of the divided nation, a nation divided politically and ethnically.

Why did President Mnangagwa in his inaugural speech omit it altogether or refused or incapable of saying: “I am sorry” for the atrocities committed in 1980s and their compensation and offer immediate healing processes country-wide. Why did he fail to say sorry for the farm invasions that left thousands killed, maimed raped, livelihood destroyed, why did he not say sorry to Murambatsvina: “operation clean up” to all those who were affected and have not recovered from those painful human rights atrocities? Mnangagwa and the military were the masterminds of the 2008 criminal suppression of Tsvangirai ascendancy to power in 2008. Because we are Africans: our lives and their destruction do not matter at all Mnangagwa’s speech reached out to the international community, no olive branch to the very people he is president of.

But Ambassador and UN-General Secretary Kofi Annan did not disappoint the people of Zimbabwe and the region at all. He is wholly aware of the dangers of military intervention in such fragile countries of Africa. This military intervention has started in Zimbabwe; it will be elsewhere in the very region anytime now. The precedence has been set. If SADC did not react in Zimbabwe’s military take-over, why will they react in any other country in Africa? The military take-over in Zimbabwe was not constitutional, much as we wanted the back of Mugabe, his removal was necessary, but his system is still intact, Mugabeism still lives on: free and fair elections would have changed the regime of Mugabe; it has to be democratic processes that give sustainable political changes and certainly not the military option: the coup, a putsch! This is what Ambassador Kofi Annan is saying!

When I listened to Nkosana Moyo’s “You tube” speaking, personally I was convinced he could make a competent leader of Zimbabwe. He has his economic recovery policies in his fingertips and are convincing enough. He really knows what he is talking about in terms of Zimbabwe’s economic recovery: his passion means he thought through all stages of economic recovery. Nkosana Moyo must remove fear in him. This “mother Theresa and academics will not usher him to winning elections.

The language in politics is crude out there: Zanu PF is evil and barbaric, on the other hand, Nkosana is meek, evidenced with his wanting to join Mnangagwa’s government at this point in time, 8 months before elections he wants to throw away his presidential aspirations, what for, is he not good enough even better than Mnangagwa by far, he is politically clean. Does he doubt himself? His body-language sold him in that video clip: was at pains in answering the question about “pasi nemhandu” this meant he would be criticizing Mnangagwa openly.

Nkosana Moyo lacks charisma just like Mnangagwa, which we can always overlook. Dr. Moyo, fear is not an option! A leader is not fearful. Flip-flopping does not make good leadership. Go out and make rallies without fearing, those guerrilla war-fare campaigns may not work with Zanu PF because Zanu PF knows that trade better. I do not rule you out; my critiques are not to make or break, I am just that tiny cog in the game of politics: you may win these 2018 elections elegantly: success is success at the end of the day!