BREAKING NEWS – Chidhakwa Wins Bail Release
21 December 2017
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By Farai D Hove| Former Mines Minister Walter Chidhakwa who was yesterday arrested and detained at Rhodesville Police Station, has won a bail application.

Chidhakwa who was charged by the Anti Corruption Commission, has been granted $300 bail.

Details of his bail are that he must report once a week at Highlands Police station and reside at his given address.

Magistrate Josephine Sande presided over the hearing which ended at 12.30pm on Thursday.

During the heading State led by Tapiwa Kasema had opposed bail on two reasons saying: Chidhakwa is a man of means so he will flee jurisdiction and abscond trial. The second reason was that he is facing serious charges and is likely to face a stiffer sentence.

But Chidhakwa’s lawyer,  Sylvester Hashiti argued saying “the main character at the center of this issue, Prof Gudyanga, was granted bail and my client did not flee. He has been co-operating with ZACC. ZACC called him and he voluntarily went to their office.” said Hashiti.

Hashiti also said, “the State says my client is a man of means, but justice knows no pocket, race or colour.” – Adv. Hashiti.

The bail application was eventually granted and upon that time, Chidhakwa’s lawyer, Hashiti announced to the magistrate that on next remand date, January 4, he shall rise to challenge the lawfulness of his client’s arrest by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission.

“ZACC has no arresting powers, so we want to ascertain that.” – he said.