KOMBI CHAOS: Govt Blames MDC Run Council For Everything
22 February 2018
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council to blame for everything…Minister July Moyo

By Dorrothy Moyo| The government has blamed the chaotic kombi scenes that saw angers flare during the day, on the MDC led Harare City Council.

The Ministry Of Local Government said it was the Council not the state which was responsible for the kombi bans which saw hundreds of kombi owners blame President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ZANU PF party.

The MDC party is currently led it’s Acting President, Nelson Chamisa.

The Local Government Minister July Moyo said the decision and subsequent announcement by the City to ban kombis from driving into the CBD has been reversed.

“ My directive has been issued in light of the fact that the Council’s decision and action are not in the interest of inhabitants of the Council Area and the Harare Metropolitan Province, to the extent that they hinder free travel by tourists and the general public, and injure the general national and public interest.

Accordingly, I have conveyed the reversal and the rescission to the City Council in writing,” he said.