Thokozani Khupe: “We’re In Politics Because We Want To Make Money” Video Hits Circulation Again
25 February 2018
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By Staff Reporter| Supporters of the MDC Acting President Nelson Chamisa have sent the below old footage into circulation. The video is of MDC Deputy President Thokozani Khupe which has gone into review days after the late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s burial.

In the video recorded in England, Khupe says: “There is only one MP, there is only one counsellor and we cannot all be Presidents. Neither can you be counsellors. So we are all here so we create a conducive environment where those who want to do business, will do business and make money. I personally I love a better life. You know life is good man, but life can only be good when you have money in your pocket, because money speaks. We are all here because we want money. Without money we cannot go anywhere guys let’s be honest with each other, we are in politics because we want money. Once we have money we are able to send our children to school…”