Dokora “Crazy” Curriculum On Way Out
26 February 2018
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By Paul Nyathi| The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education is reportedly beginning moves to remove the New Educational Curriculum which was introduced into schools by the former Minister Lazarus Dokora.

Yet to be detailed information released by the Ministry indicates that it has suspended the continuous assessment regime for this year’s examination classes Form 4 and 6.

Under the curriculum described as “crazy” by stakeholders at recent public consultations, learners were going to be involved in continous assessment which was going to contribute 30% of the learner’s final mark at the end of their Ordinary Level and Advanced Level assessments.

The Ministry also announced that they have suspended the whole issue of tasks for school children.

Learners were being bombarded with a lot of work referred to as “tasks” that required a lot of stationery and learning aides much to the fury of parents.

The curriculum was introduced by Dokora in 2014 and has been failing to fully take off as most schools are battling with the financial requirements associated with it.

Teachers were also not given enough training and orientation of the complicated curriculum which Dokora copied from the Middle East.

The Ministry will be giving full details on the changes on the curriculum in due course and will provide the details as the become available.