Mnangagwa Pays Tribute To The Late Laurent Kabila
27 February 2018
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President Emmerson Mnangagwa has paid tribute to the late former president Muzee Desire Laurent Kabila who was assassinated at his palace in January 2001 and is buried in a mausoleum next to state house.

Mnangagwa who visited the mausoleum Tuesday (today) afternoon soon after his arrival in Kinshasa, DRC laid a wreath in his honour before writing in the book of visitors.

“I will forever remember this day because I have been afforded the opportunity to lay a wreath in memory of my dear brother and late president of the Republic of the Democratic Republic of Congo Laurent Desire Kabila. l have left here my full statement in rememberance of my brother and president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, signed ED Mnangagwa,” he wrote.

Soon after signing the book of visitors at the Muzee Kabila Mausoleum where he was joined by president Kabila’s twin sister Janet Kabila, Mnangagwa went straight to state house where a military parade was mounted in his honour.

After inspecting the parade he proceeded to meet his guest who now wears a thick beard with streaks of grey.

The two proceeded into the state house for closed door one on one talks.- state media