Mangoma Blasts ZACC
1 March 2018
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By A Correspondent| CODE President Elton Steers Mangoma has blasted the operations of Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission (ZACC) which is failing to perform its constitutional mandate because of presidential powers influence.

Addressing Harare Province CODE Member of Parliament aspirants, the veteran politician said once elected into office their government will allow state institutions to operate independently without the president influencing their operations.

“ZACC is like a controlled dog which is told who to bite and when to bite; a situation which came as a result of failure by legislature to perform it’s over sight role on the executive.” He said.

“Presidential powers create a constitutional dictator who is feared by the people and as such can overrule all constitutional processes.” Mangoma said.

He reminded parliamentarians to fulfill their mandate of oversight role on the executive. He also urged parliamentarians to be bold and adhere to the constitution when executing their duties.

“I advise all of you to desist from corrupt activities when you assume office because it affects communities you represent and draw back development.” He said.

ZACC has in the past tried to investigate those implicated in corrupt activities but failing to bring them to book.

A ZANU PF splinter group known as G40 had its members tried for corruption but no arrests have taken place.

The process by ZACC now appear as a witch hunt which is targeting certain individuals leaving out those who have pending cases living scotch free.

Zimbabwe lost 15 billion dollars in diamond revenue and no arrest took place up to this date.

CODE is confident of majority seats in parliament.