Drama As Takwirira Govt School Pupils Explode In Riot
3 March 2018
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Chiredzi Correspondent (ZimEye)| The events of March 2 2018 will be remembered in the history of Takwirira Government High School. The School is located about 7km from Checheche growth point, 80 Km from Chiredzi.

The morning of March 2 as ZimEye.com reveals, marked the beginning of a powerful demonstration which drew the attention of the DSI Chipinge District, as well as the Police.

The pupils began their riot by writing on the staff room block calls the big words “TINODA BUS!”

There was drama when the headmaster, Mr Madhuku was caught in panic and attempted reprimanding the kids; the students swiftly started to group up at the central assembly point demanding their bus. Students started to sing songs marching around the school. One of the songs was “Tinoda Bus!”

Immediately after the loud rounds, the pupils went out of the school gate and marched to the SDA chairman Mr Nyakurwa, and the Vice Chairman Mr Maphosa singing songs demanding their bus.

In the highway, pupils had altercations with a number of motorists. The most notable motorist was a ZESA truck driver who later went to the police station to transport police to the school.

The DSI Mr Gabaza together with his team also arrived at the school to investigate what was happening. He (DSI), later addressed the kids.

The School head was barred by the kids to address them while they screamed out that he was the culprit.

Below were some of the talking points on what pupils publicly allegedly are some problems affecting the school Takwirira government High School which triggered this demonstration aside the matter of the bus demanded by the school children.

1. The school has had one SDA Chairman for almost 20 years, he now appears as if he is substantive. Allegations were that he connived with the headmaster to allegedly steal school funds, buying cars, building houses. The Headmaster has 3 known vehicles… Honda Fit, Nissan Caravan, Nissan Ext rail to mention a few. The chairman has Nissan Gaia Vehicle, motor bikes etc. All these assets were procured from school funds.

2. The headmaster uses his phone as the account for the school; parent’s transfer fees directly in the headmaster’s Ecocash account. As a result parents are paying bus levy to no avail. It’s almost 4 year’s parents paying bus levy.

3. Some parents are forced to buy uniforms from the school, which fabrics are of poor quality.

4. The school has no substantive deputy head; the one who was at the school was victimised by the school head and transferred from the school getting assistance from the chairman. Students claimed that the main reason was for the head to do whatever he wants without any problems.

This form of corruption is happening right under the nose of the DSI Chipinge district Mr Gabaza without him taking action. Corruption should be condemned at all levels. Something must be done at the school without delay.