EXPOSED: Massive Looting At NSSA
4 March 2018
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Cry my beloved NSSA Cry

NSSA is rotten to the core. There is a lot of corruption and nepotism at this institution. The CEO (Chitiga) brought her relatives. When this new board was appointed, they claimed that NSSA was overstaffed and the wage bill was unsustainable. They retrenched lower level employees and now they are hiring several managerial employees (from outside the organisation). They spent almost $20 million on SAP system and they have now dumped it. Several investments have gone down the drain. Operation Restore Legacy should be extended to this institution. Pensioners are getting peanuts yet Chitiga, Vela, Mungwariri and others are earning astronomical perks. It’s very painful.

No wonder why pensioners are struggling while NSSA managers are enjoying as if the belong to companies in Europe or America. What boggles the mind is why it take this long to discover such glaring anomalies. Are we saying the responsible Ministry was not aware of this? If there was corruption then ZACC must do its job.

Nssa the management is rotten to the core they are awarding themselves huge salaries and bonus and recruiting their friends with no experience: same people with the same grade getting different salaries at the expense of service delivery .The management do not even know what happens at the benefits processing department hence pensioners do not get their money on time. They are only recruiting managers only. The new marketing manager who was at Old Mutual has taken all the staff from Old Mutual to Nssa and they know nothing about Nssa at the expense of experienced staff within Nssa; the IT department only to name a few please. Cry my beloved nation for how long are we going to let this management destroy NSSA?

The plunder by this cabal is worse than that of any other previous NSSA management regime. They have made the NSSA so top-heavy that it may collapse from paying managers top salaries, bonuses and allowances that the ministry approves at the expense of pensioners and the ordinary workers. Ministry and the NSSA Board are the major culprits as are in collusion with the managers by approving all these pecks. We hear managers got a bonus of 360% in December and gave the pensioners and ordinary workers peanuts. Restructuring at the organization has been about creating top jobs for the connected at the expense of recruiting staff for critical operations. Their ICT system is in tatters making it impossible to trace the contributions by individual workers yet little effort is being directed towards rectifying this fundamental issue