War Veterans Warn Mugabe, “He Is Misguided”
7 March 2018
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Mugabe with Mutinhiri

By Paul Nyathi| The Zimbabwe National War Veterans Association has warned former President Robert Mugabe to stop meddling in the current politics in the country.

In an interview with the privately owned Daily News, the war veterans leader Victor Matemadanda accused Mugabe of failing to appreciate the benevolence extended to him by the new President Emerson Mnangagwa government.

Matemadanda said this reacting to Mugabe’s reported links to a new opposition political party National Patriotic Front which is splitting from the ruling ZANU PF.

Mugabe is reportedly the brain child behind the new party in which he personally appointed Retired Brigadier General Ambrose Mutinhiri as interim leader.

Matemadanda said Mugabe will attract the wreath of the ruling party if he continues with his new political affiliation.

“Remember he walked away when he did not deserve to walk away a free man,” said Matemadanda.

“He was supposed to be sentenced to prison but the people of Zimbabwe forgave him but now we are seeing that he does not have a culture of appreciation,” he added.

Matemadanda further warned that if Mugabe does not stop his plans against the ruling party, they will be forced to take away some of the farms he grabbed during the fast trek land redistribution exercise.

Matemadanda claimed the Mugabe family had amassed 14 farms and that these could be seized as punishment for the disloyalty.

“He is the person who brought the policy – one family one farm – yet he has over 14 farms and he must lose those, and we are ready to take them as war veterans,” said Matemadanda.