Goreraza “Frightened” By Mnangagwa- North Korea Alliance
10 March 2018
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Stanley Goreraza | The Mnangagwa government is beginning to frighten me. How can they ever be reformist, good intended and then go and develop good relations with an internationally condemned, isolated and hated regime like the one in North Korea?

North Korea has a consistent record of the worst human rights atrocities against it’s own people in the whole wide world. It is this same North Korea that trained the Zimbabwean 5th Brigade which went on to commit the worst human rights abuses in the 38 years of Zimbabwe’s existence. It makes you wonder what Mnangagwa and his government want from a regime which gathers political prisoners in a school yard and shells them to small pieces with tank fire, forcing primary school children to watch the horror!

The North Korean regime is pure evil, pure evil that has no equal in this world. Any relations, let alone military relations would mean Zimbabwe condones and has no problem with North Koreas frightening human rights record.

Does Mnangagwa want to put together another 5th brigade to kill innocent Zimbabweans like they did in the eighties?

We should have no relations with a country like North Korea, no relations whatsoever.