Headmaster Bans Singing Of Shona Songs In School
11 March 2018
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The headmaster of Magwegwe High School in Bulawayo is under fire after allegedly banning the singing of Shona songs at his school.

Mr William Ncube is alleged to have banned pupils from singing Shona songs or war cries during sports events or at assembly.

Bulawayo Acting Provincial Education Director Mrs Olicah Khaira said the Ministry of Primary and secondary Education was investigating the matter.

“I cannot comment much on the matter as I am not in the office. However, investigations into the issue are underway,” she said.
An open letter, purportedly written by pupils at the school, has gone viral on social media platforms.

The pupils are requesting Mr Ncube to desist from fanning tribalism and are demanding equal treatment at the school.

The Chronicle visited the school yesterday and spoke to members of staff. The headmaster was said to be away.

“On behalf of the Magwegwe High School students, we are against the decision by our headmaster to bar the singing of Shona songs at our school. As students we say no to tribalism and any form of violence. Whatever happened in the past must not include us as the so called born frees. We will not be used to settle past differences. We cannot be used in conflicts or fighting each other. We believe in unity and nothing else,” reads part of the letter.

The letter says the headmaster is quoted as having said he will be in trouble with the PED if pupils were allowed to sing Shona songs.state media