BLUE ROOF RUMOUR: AUDIO- Khupe’s Expose’ Of “Naked Falsehoods” Against Her
12 March 2018
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By Staff Reporter | Under fire MDC-T Vice President Thokozani Khupe has dismissed media reports that she met former President Robert Mugabe after he was last November ousted from power.

A South African publication The Sunday Times wrote on Sunday claiming that Mugabe called Khupe to his Blue Roof residence to discuss a VP position offer in a new political outfit to be set up.

It was further alleged that Mugabe put Jonathan Moyo on the phone too as they sought to find a common ground.

Mugabe is then reported to have dispatched emissaries to speak with Khupe in South Africa during the so-called Coalition workshop in February this year.

However, has exclusive details on the so called Mugabe meeting with Khupe’s senior aide, Witness Dube responding in detail saying it is not true. He provides a list of other allegations that have in the past been leveled against Khupe, including that she is forming a coalition with former VP Joice Mujuru, and also another one which says that she is receiving funding from the American Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Dube tells ZimEye, Khupe has kept quiet on many of these allegations as that is her style, she does not talk to the media. – REFRESH THIS PAGE TO LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW:

“There is a smear campaign trying to portray Khupe in bad light by her detractors…this is what it is. She takes it as part of a broader agenda to reduce her…”