Olinda, Tytan Wedding Bells
13 March 2018
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Musician Tytan Skhokho, real name Njabulo Nkomo, and his United Kingdom-based partner Olinda Chapel are openly speaking about their marriage plans and it’s widely believed that their wedding is on the horizon.

The couple has said they are set to wed in the UK “soon”, sparking speculation when the big day might take place.

“I want to cling to your shirt and bury my face in the curve of your neck… Then never let go, I love you. @tytantheone #21daystogo,” Chapel wrote on Instagram three days ago.

They have hired one of Harare’s finest wedding planners VIP Hosting, with the planners making trips to the UK to get things in order.

The Daily News understands VIP Hosting is crafting a personalised wedding that will be a reflection of the couples’ style, personality and relationship and is reportedly keen to create an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

On Sunday, in celebration of the UK Mother’s Day, Tytan  wrote a long piece praising Olinda.

“Happy Mother’s Day to the future bearer of my seed. The one that sees better even though I lead. The one so special to me none can ever supersede. The one that makes me whole when my soul needs to feed.

“I watch you love our sons like nobody cares better. ‘Cause the truth is, with your love, I don’t think that there’s better. Your love runs deep it’s special in its obscurity,” he wrote.

“But one thing that’s crystal clear is your love’s purity. I love you so much Mrs Njabulo Nkomo!

“Thank you for representing the strongest people in the world, moms! Happy Mother’s Day! #happymothersday #skhokho,”

Their union has been criticised as fake by some Zimbabweans. The two jumped into marriage just after Olinda had come out of a messy marriage and split with  Desmond “Stunner” Chideme.

Stunner took a dig at the couple saying there was nothing to it as Olinda kept talking about his manhood.

“Mukadzi waTytan anoswera achitaura zvemu brugwa rangu apo murume wacho akangoti tuzu!!! Dzimba idzi (Tytan’s wife keeps talking about my man_hood and he just keeps quiet),” the narcissistic Stunner wrote on Twitter in response to a link on a story where Olinda is said to have  commented on his man_hood.

Tytan, 28, has opened an online page Becoming Mrs Nkomo, in which he chronicled their “happy-ever after stories”, showering his woman, 34, with love.

It all started as a joke after Stunner reinforced the divorce in a song Ndoenda.

Tytan then composed a song telling Olinda that he will treat her good.

In the song titled Bho, he said he was going to make Olinda his queen.

I will make you the queen, so that my woman, so that we love each other… Because I will always love you… … ini ndichakubata bho (I will treat you good)….crying doesn’t suit you, I’m mad about the way he treats you, every day he cheats on you, many girls beeping him,… you can change your life, it’s time that I make it rain, the lyrics of the song go.

This will be Olinda’s third marriage. She has revealed in an interview that she was once married for 10 years.

Olinda, who has two kids, had her first child in 2001 when she was still 17.- daily news