Give Us New Names, Tired Of Priscillia And Khupe | OPINION
14 March 2018
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By Kerina Mujati | All the “propaganda”doing rounds on Social Media from lies such as Khupe met Mugabe at blueroof, Kuphe demands money from APA, let’s not be taken for fools. All this is starting to smell like desperate spins by Khupe and crew. The woman is no strategist remember her excuse from contesting the last Elections as she knew very well she would lose at the Ballot?Her reason was that she was a National Leader therefore would not contest in Elections. She is in Government because of the woman’s quota and what has she ever achieved for Makokoba or Bulawayo that she refers herself as Queen B or she has achieved for the women in Zimbabwe? Khupe now sees herself as untouchable and game changer but she is NOT. I do condemn the violence she suffered lately yet she fail to see that she was disrespecting her Leader Tsvangirai and his Party by intentionally not attending Party business and meetings. That shows her arrogance and disqualifies her as a true leader with the people at heart. The next Government whoever it is , please kindly give us new names via the Women’s quota we are tired of the self importance Queens the likes of Khupe and Priscila we have new kids on the block who deserve a chance to represent the plight of our women…..taneta with these women and their entitlement. No to career political failures muchingoti women’s quota. We need new names. #2018resistance# #newnameswomensquota# #cd3sistermwenewazvo#