Mabhinya Story And the ED Govt State of Emergency Ploy | OPINION
14 March 2018
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Ndaba Nhuku | Please stop sharing fake stories about violence in rural areas as it can only aid in the of a declaration of state of emergency. No government can be allowed to tolerate mabhinya. If false you are causing your own problems. If true, how has this come about and who are its targets?

There are too many people sharing unconfirmed fake social media created stories about numerous incidents of violence on innocent rural folks. Some of them are even sharing youths who clearly are not Zimbabweans in military fatigues and claiming they have been arrested cutting poor babies and women.

Folks, please stop spreading a sense of fear in the country with fake news so that we will think it’s the NPF or other parties. The ED govt being led by Gukurahundists can easily pick up such nonsense and declare a State of Emergency and ban elections. This was the way Gukurahundi was deployed in Matabeleland and Midlands. Soon we may have the army all over and a curfew in place. Always think about the implications of your nonsense. That’s how we got the army involvement in Zanu dynamics by constantly referencing it as decision maker.

Most of the photos l have seen have nothing to do with ZIMBABWEANS. All the bhinyas l have heard about are only in social media. And if any political people were to cause civil pandemonium they wouldn’t be so stupid to go about engaging in these fake incidents being mentioned. If indeed this is true, it is true, Zanu has seen that it has lost the elections and is now creating a deadly violent environment to declare a State of Emergency and stop all elections from going ahead. Be wary of a panicky illegal regime. It can set its own people against each other as it did in 1983.
Do not take usual violence and thuggery we all know of in our society and create drama out of it.