Mujuru Not Attending Khuphe’s Rally, Wishes Her well.
15 March 2018
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By Paul Nyathi

The National People’s Party has quashed social media rumours that their leader Joice Mujuru will be attending the Thokozani Khuphe rally set for Bulawayo this weekend.

NPP National Spokesperson Jefferson Chitando rubbished the rumour indicating that the NPP has long lost appetite to deal with the MDC-T in any way.

“Dr Mujuru is very busy on her campaign programs on the ground and has absolutely no reason to divert and go and attend an undefined MDC-T gathering,” said Chitando.

“Our President and party are now concentrating on the work of the People’s Rainbow Coalition and has long put aside any links with the MDC-T,” he said.

Social media was on Thursday awash with rumours that Mujuru will be attending the controversial rally to declare a new solidarity with Khuphe.

The rumours also indicated that PRC partner Luciah Matibenga leader of a breakaway People’s Democratic Party was going to accompany Mujuru to the rally.

Chitando’s sentiments were confirmed by Khuphe’s personal assistant Witness Dube who declined any knowledge of Mujuru attending the rally.

Dube indicated that the gathering is not necessarily a public rally but one of Khuphe’s continued consultation meetings.

“Dr Khupe is continuing with her consultative and campaign meetings,” said Dube confirming the gathering set for the Bulawayo Amphitheatre on Sunday.

According to Dube, Khuphe will be meeting with party structures from the region to discuss the prevailing conditions in the opposition party.

Dube confirmed that the rally has been cleared by the police who will also provide security to curb possible violence due to the intra party rivalry in the party.

“Police have guaranteed full protection for this meeting in terms of the law,” he said.

Asked to confirm information provided to by other sources close to Khuphe that she will be announcing a split from the party, Dube invited media to attend the rally and hear Khuphe speak.

“Can’t comment on your enquiries. I am sure you will find your answers from Dr Khupe if you come to the Amphitheatre.

“It’s a structures meeting but I am sure when journalists come for information they may not be denied accessible sessions of the meetings because things must be done transparently,” he said.

Asked to comment on Khuphe’s prospects in case she pulls out of the MDC-T, Chitando said that the NPP and Mujuru wish Khuphe the best as long as she is in a fight against ZANU PF.

“We really wish Khuphe all the best in her future as long as she remains in our concerted fight to remove the ZANU PF government,” said Chitando.