Mugabe An Old Man Dreaming Sucking Milk From Own Mother – Matemadanda
16 March 2018
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By Farai D Hove| The man who was (2)two years ago first to be imprisoned by former President Robert Mugabe on charges insulting his wife, Victor Matemadanda has mocked the 94 year old saying he is just an old man “dreaming of sucking milk from his own mother.”

Matemadanda said Mugabe is full of “childish appetite”. He spoke (SEE VIDEO BELOW) of Mugabe who yesterday spoke for the first time on video saying his wife, Grace is being harassed.

2 months before the coup last year, filmed Matemadanda outside the Harare magistrates court when he came out of court after being charged for insulting Grace Mugabe.

Matemadanda’s lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa would respond to ZimEye saying the prosecution would succeed since the magistrate was determined to make sure that Matemadanda (is harassed) loses.