Obert Gutu Claims Death Threats, His Law Chambers Broken Into
3 May 2018

By Paul Nyathi|Vice President of the Thokozani Khupe led MDC-T Obert Gutu claims that he is getting continuous death threats on his mobile phone.

The former MDC-T Chamisa spokesperson revealed in a sensational Facebook post on Thursday that he feels unsafe due to the threats coming through from South African mobile numbers.

Coincidentally and ironically, Gutu is the same who once threatened to kill on a woman based in South Africa via a cellphone sms.

This time he claims he has received threats from South Africa.

“Over the past few months, I have been receiving death threats on my mobile phone from several South African – registered mobile phone numbers,” Gutu said.

Gutu left the MDC-T led by Nelson Chamisa with former Deputy President Thokozani Khuphe after refusing to accept Chamisa as a legal leader of the party.

Meanwhile, Gutu also claims that there was a break in at his law chambers on Wednesday night which he believes to be politically motivated.

According to Gutu the burglars brutally attacked the security guard at the firm leaving him for dead before ransacking the building and leaving without taking anything.

“There was a break – in at Negona Chambers around midnight on Wednesday, May 2,2018. More than ten (10) burglars armed with iron bars broke into our premises and severely assaulted the security guard who was on duty,” he said.

“The guard suffered very serious head injuries and we evacuated him to a local hospital for emergency medical treatment.

“The thugs vandalised the outside alarm system sensors and they also broke the kitchen door using iron bars.The timeous arrival of two (2) Safeguard Security reaction teams saved our security guard’s life since he had been left for dead.

“The thugs ran away without stealing anything.”