Madzore Releases New Smash MDC Music Album
18 July 2018
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Paul Madzore at the studio

By Sixoliso Sibanda (for Mhenyamauro Productions)|Fellow Zimbabweans, comrades and friends, it is my honour and pleasure to inform you that our Cadre Paul Madzore has done it again lubricating our struggle with his nerve massaging voice and sound.

Ealier on there had been announcement that the song “Mvuto Ngaitsvuke” would be the highlight but because of challenges ranging from time to resources, this song could not be finished and the leading song is now….”Vanhu vachakuzvimbirai mukabira”.

Other songs are, “Pagungwa dzvuku” , “Takurai mutoro” and a final instrumental that we hope people are going to find it mesmerising and worth keeping them on their toes. Resources permitting, we expect the album out and playing by this Sunday latest 22nd July. We thank our Almighty for the inspiration.

We also thank all Zimbabweans both in the country and in the diaspora for the continued encouragement and motivation. Some day our motherland shall be a total democratic state.. God bless you all….