Teachers Tries To Kill Own Kids, Wife
23 July 2018
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A teacher ran amok, attempted to kill his wife and two children, before attacking other teachers during a misunderstanding over transfer issues at a school in Binga.
The teacher allegedly crashed his Toyota Wish vehicle several times into cottage walls at Siansali Primary School in Binga District where his wife works and destroyed verandas before setting the car alight in a fit of rage.

Ishewunesu Makota (31), a teacher at Siyawagadza Primary School, Mwambani area in Gokwe District, went into a frenzy over why his wife, Raviro Nduru (26), was not transferring to a school closer to him.

The couple originally comes from Gutu in Masvingo Province. The incident occurred on Thursday at around 10PM and the suspect was arrested and is in custody at Binga Police Station.
Makota allegedly claimed to regret his wild actions saying he was drunk Chief Siansali yesterday said Makota surrendered himself to the police.

He said Makota arrived at the school in the evening and engaged in a heated argument with his wife, demanding to know why she was not transferring to a school closer to him where she had been offered a place.
“Nduru has failed get a provincial transfer for a while now, but got a place at a school in Binga closer to where her husband teaches. Binga Education District Office has however, not yet cleared her to transfer. This did not go down well with Makota resulting in him attacking his wife.

“He chased after his wife and children with a kitchen knife, vowing to stab them to death. After the woman managed to disappear into darkness, heading to a villager’s home to seek refuge, Makota turned onto the other staff members.

“He attacked two female teachers and chased after them. He kicked and punched them, injuring one of them who was rushed to Binga District Hospital where she is receiving treatment,” said the chief.

He said Makota went on to vandalise school property and cottage verandas as he drove his car repeatedly into cottage walls.

“Speeding like a man possessed, he terrified teachers by crashing into cottage walls but because they are stronger, his vehicle got extensively damaged.

“He got out of the car and set it on fire. The vehicle was completely destroyed,” said the chief.
Chief Siansali said it is alleged that the couple was constantly in disputes and the man accused his wife of not wanting to transfer for undisclosed reasons.

He urged members of the public to desist from violence and rather engage third parties for resolution of disputes.

“People should learn to manage anger and not act on emotions. Couples should understand it is not easy to transfer from one place to the other due to varying reasons. I also appeal to the Government to ensure swift transfer of civil servants to allow couples to stay together to avoid such unnecessary squabbles.”

Binga District Schools Inspector Mr Edson Masungo said he had not yet received the report.

“I haven’t received a report of such shocking news. Let me find out right away and I will get back to you,” he said. – state media