Zimbabweans Demand Answers From Mnangagwa Over Wicknell Chivayo’s New ZESA Payment Of $52 Million
23 July 2018
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Zimbabweans on Monday wrote to President Emmerson Mnangagwa demanding answers following reports his administration ordered the Zimbabwe Power Company to pay him $52 Million. Below were some of the interactions on social networking website, Facebook:

Zanele Dube Mr President please shed light on the Chivayo issue. As a country we need accountability and transparency if you want Zimbabweans to trust you with their future. I hope you will respond to this…

Simba Chikanza This is matter is vital Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa – your ‘great brand’ stands to lose on public trust. Why are you still quiet on revelations that your administration ordered that ZESA/ZPC must pay Wicknell Chivayo over $51million ?

Prince Tanaka Simba Chikanza China Eximbank is providing a bank guarantee. So there is no risk apo. Take it easy. The risk is with Eximbank who are guaranteeing the payment.
Simba Chikanza …even if it was Bill Gates who provides the security, the problem is with a Head Of State who allows a well known fraudster and conman to continue holding a national energy project after squandering $5million on shoes and foreign trips. Prince Tanaka Zanele Dube 

Tinashe Mapurisa Zanele Dube u are one among million Zimbabweans