ED Or Nero? – 2018 Think, Decide And Vote for Change That Delivers
26 July 2018
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By Fred Muchaiwa | Fellow countrymen and women as we approach July 30th 2018, let me share with you this very important message- With just less than a week to elections, there are voters out there still to decide on who they should vote for and why? My message is for you the undecided lot and others I can classify as spoilers (briefcase party supporters). Hopefully by the time you finish reading this article you will be without any reasonable doubt better positioned to vote and make a change that matters.

In-depth… Fred Muchaiwa

This important message coincides with a historic and very important election which for the first time in 38 years is not featuring Robert Mugabe who was forced out in November 2017. That development marked a new era in Zimbabwe’s politics in which Mugabe’s hold on power for almost four decades ended unceremoniously, a postulate scenario in the world of dictators. Also, I view this election as an opportunity in 38 years of one party rule to lay a foundation for regular leadership renewal and transition of power purely based on competence.


The deposition of Mugabe was a sigh of relief, too good to be true as he had become a liability to Zimbabwe, a thorn in the flesh of many both nationally and internationally and an obstacle for change the country desperately needs. The inevitable rise and ascendency of Mnangagwa by virtue of the so called “soft coup” brought mixed sentiments among Zimbabweans with mostly opposition supporters dismissing Mnangagwa as another Mugabe in a new era. Antagonistically they were 100% right because Mnangagwa is realistically a new leader of the old dispensation because the ideology remained intact.


Faded hope


The hope that came along with Mnangagwa’s dramatic rise has vanished in thin air as no sign of change is visible but the same old misfortunes still haunt Zimbabweans. The impression was that Mnangagwa had a vision for a better Zimbabwe and to begin with he will form an inclusive government with all stakeholders like genuine and mainstream opposition parties, civic groups, business leaders and churches. Unfortunately and common in ZANU PF, greedy and excessive appetite for power took over. This is typical of ZANU PF, it is the party’s longstanding ideology:

hunger for power, corruption, lies and deceit as clearly shown when they claimed to have removed Mugabe alone in the same manner they claim Zimbabwe is a ZANU PF property. Let me remind every voter that Zimbabwe is a country and its inhabitants, you and me regardless of race, colour, creed or political affiliation.


After his inauguration, Mnangagwa went on to damage his newly acquired reputation he earned for removing Mugabe by unveiling his blotted cabinet, the same clueless, corrupt and old individuals, a copy and paste direct from Mugabe’s files to be precise. That obviously exposed Mnangagwa as more concerned about concealing his past at the expense of the welfare of Zimbabweans. All known corrupt individuals in cabinet are more important to Mnangagwa than the people hence there is no determined effort to deal with corruption and all that anti-corruption talk is now water under the bridge.


New dispensation’s failures


Seven months of the new dispensation have yielded nothing but the same old slogans, chants, party regalia, Rastafarian scarfs etc. I urge every voter out there to do an audit of ZANU PF’s failures and destruction for the past 38 years and re-building our Zimbabwe is impossible with the same people that destroyed it.


  • How long does it take a responsible and people oriented government to replenish hospitals and clinics with medicines and adequate staff?
  • How much is needed by a government with correct priorities on the table to repair damaged infrastructure in communities across the country?
  • How long does a committed government take to end bank queues and restore confidence in our banking system?
  • How much does it cost to treat and provide clean water, electricity and basic needs and requirements for our citizens?
  • How long does it take to deal with known corrupt public office bearers responsible gross abuse of power and authority?
  • How long does it take to investigate human rights abuses, abductions and disappearances of people like Itai Dzamara?
  • How long does it take to admit responsibility for Gukurahundi and  to apologise to affected families?


What does Zimbabwe need?


Zimbabwe is lagging behind in terms of development in every aspect of life. To catch up and speak the same language with the rest of the world, we need change managers to spearhead the change process that lifts Zimbabwe up there. We have heard enough of theories regarding economic development (ESAP, ZimASSET etc) that never materialise. Dr Nkosana Moyo did mention this in one of his recent speeches and he said, I quote:


“We have politicians in Zimbabwe who write five year economic plans but those plans are never implemented”.


That statement depicts true colours of leaders we have, leaders who are lip service practitioners, theorists and leaders with political impotence. So, based on my qualitative analysis which is basically focused on ZANU PF’s reputation and brand image, can we give these people another five year mandate to run our country to oblivion again? Ask yourselves this question over and over and over again before July 30.


Interpretation of feelings


Zimbabweans are not only hungry for food but for change which is a country mile overdue. Look around yourself, talk to your relatives, neighbour, friends and figure out how they feel about the political, social and economic status in Zimbabwe. How do they relate those feelings about our political, social and economic turmoil to the coming elections? That general feeling of the majority can influence a decision.


When you vote, guard and defend that vote


My message to polling officers, polling agents and all responsible and involved in the election process, please be vigilant and alert. You are safeguarding and defending the people’s rights and it your job is to serve the people. People’s interest come first before individual politicians. You are not representing a politician or a president but the people.


If you are trained to intimidate voters or manipulate the system, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why you need to do that. If you are a direct beneficiary of bad governance, your self centred persona ruins others. Think about others, your neighbour, your friend, your sister, your brother, your fellow countrymen women and children out there who have no link to the ruling elite. Zimbabwe’s wealth is not being shared equally for a long time and this is time and opportunity to correct that anomaly. Say no to vote rigging, guard the vote and defend that vote.


A new Zimbabwe is possible in our lifetime.


Thank you.