ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE – Mnangagwa Aide Says: “Elections Are Not Won On Election Day. You Win the Election On First Day You’re Sworn Into Office”
27 July 2018
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By Farai D Hove| IN WHAT STRONGLY indicates vote rigging preparations currently underway, Mnangagwa aide and ZANU PF Secretary For Legal Affairs Paul Mangwana has said that the upcoming polls will not be won on election day, contrary to laid down procedure that states that the poll outcome has to be immediately printed out at the polling stations as the soon as the ballots are counted.

The current procedure states that the tally data has to be immediately placated outside the polling stations. But Mangwana’s statement strongly points that next week’s polls will be handled differently. It also strongly suggests that ZANU PF plans to alter the figures soon after polling has been concluded.

Mangwana was speaking on the sidelines of a meeting with Comesa observers led by Ambassador Ashraf Gamal Rashed at Zanu-PF Headquarters on Wednesday.

He said this as details emerged that voters roll file revealed mid last month has since been severely distorted. Thousands had at the time of printing, complained that they have been notified by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission that their polling stations have changed.

One complainant reached on Thursday night revealing she has received a text message that says she is no longer voting at Alexandra Park School and will now be moved to The Hellenic School.

ZimEye is compiling more details.


Meanwhile, Mangwana said the Emmerson Mnangagwa party does not expect to lose the forthcoming elections. He said Zanu-PF will accept defeat although he does not expect people to vote otherwise. Mangwana said, “we are going to win. We do not expect to lose. Elections are not won on the election day. You win the election on the first day you are sworn into office.

“There has been a lot of progress in the five months after the swearing in of President Mnangagwa. The President has been ushering in new projects nearly everyday, the vision and direction are there for everyone to see.

“We will accept the decision of the people if we lose, although I do not expect my people to vote otherwise.”