‘GNU Can Only Function If Chamisa Is Declared President’
4 September 2018
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By Terrence Mawawa| Prominent social media analyst Antony Taruvinga believes the consummation of an inclusive government can only yield results if MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa leads the whole process.

Taruvinga castigated President Emmerson Mnangagwa for attempting to use Chamisa’ s name to mend his tattered relations with the international community.

“Mnangagwa must first accept defeat and Chamisa should
be declared the outright winner as contained in the ZEC server before any engagements efforts are made.

Kana usingadi rega, tonga but we will make sure you fail dismally. The power is in the hands of the true
winner of the July election and it’s proving difficult to rig the economy. The economy is different from
producing new VR11 forms and tampering with figures.

The economy is different from manipulating ZEC and the
judges of the Concourt,” argued Taruvinga in a hard- hitting social media excerpt.