Biti Contradicts Gutu, Says Mnangagwa Is Worse Than Mugabe
19 November 2018
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Terrence Mawawa|MDC A official Tendai Biti has declared that Emmerson Mnangagwa is worse than Robert Mugabe.

Biti’ s sentiments contradict MDC T deputy president Obert Gutu’ s remarks about the deposed former liberation war icon. Gutu claimed those who believe Mnangagwa is worse than Mugabe are stupid.

Biti tweeted:”A year after the coup , there is no dispute that the
situation has completely unravelled. The economy has tanked and everyone knows they will never turn it around .There is collapse of social services and closure of political space
.After 2008 no one thought it could be worse,

Tendai Biti

but it is worse !”