Byo Vuzu Parties: Police Warns Returning School Kids
8 August 2019
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POLICE in Bulawayo have warned pupils who are returning from boarding schools to desist from organising the now infamous vuzu parties as they risk being arrested.

Pupils, particularly those with parents in the diaspora, engage in vuzu parties, where reckless sexual activities, alcohol and drug-taking are rampant.
Acting Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube on Tuesday told Southern Eye that they would be deploying police around the city to deal with vuzu

“We received information about Vuzu parties and other forms of alcoholism planned by youths this week on the closing day of schools and we are ready to deal
with them. There will be a full deployment of police, starting tomorrow in areas such as Haddon and Sly, Zupco, Renkini and other secret places, which we cannot reveal for now,” Ncube said.

He appealed to parents and guardians to collect their children upon arrival from boarding schools to avoid embarrassment, adding that the role of police was to
arrest offenders and not parenting.

Ncube said children were also organising secret parties during the day while their parents were at work.

Vuzu parties are coming in different types, including unprotected sex, $5 party and “blesser” sponsored parties.