“Give Me Another Chance,” Andy Muridzo
19 August 2019
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Andy Muridzo

Standard|Musician Andy Muridzo has been to hell and back in his short career, he has tasted the sweet and sour sides of life as a music superstar in a journey that has threatened to quash his talent.

Born Andrew Ngwenya, the 27-year-old vocalist has hopped from one storm to another in the recent past, but now he is weary and yearns for a musical rebirth, a reincarnation of sorts.

He says Shiri Yamambo, a 14-track album set for launch at Wood Nite Club in Harare on Thursday, is his chance to re-establish the musician many contemporary

music fans had grown to love.

“This album is a reintroduction of Andy Muridzo into the market, as if he has never been there,” he told Standard Style yesterday.

“It’s an extended and better version of my music and people should be ready to embrace it.”

Over the years the Dherira hit singer’s music has proved popular across social divides until it got contaminated by controversies particularly involving

different women before the ultimate split with Mai Keketso, his wife.

“When my name became known it was because of music and not personal business, so it is unfair that this has jeopardised my career,” he said

“There are two sides to every story and fans should not take one perspective to be the gospel truth and judge me on that because it affects me in a great way

such that when some people see me now they start thinking of these stories which are not true in most instances.”

However, in a show of intent to his rebranding process, Muridzo has hired a new management team and replaced band members who jumped ship earlier this year.

This added to his fifth offering, produced by his long-time producer Maselo, is an explosive mixture that will prove his ability to make good music.

“This album is an effort to show how talented Zimbabweans are through projecting the richness of our culture and that is why I named it Shiri Yamambo,” he